[Thread] A big problem for those who promote the "systemic racism" theory is the story of black immigrants. If our country is systemically racist and structured to keep minorities down, you'd expect immigrants to do poorly. Especially black immigrants. But that's not the case.
For example, the share of black immigrants who live below the poverty line is only 4 points higher than the general US population, according to Pew
One third have a college degree, nearly on par with the general population
Household income is lower than the general population, but not substantially lower. And notice how immigrants from South America actually have a higher household income than the general population.
And, via http://courthousenews.com , the income growth for female black immigrants is outpacing both black and white women born in the US. Certainly not what you'd expect from a country that is, I'm told, inherently racist and sexist.
Say, I wonder if this might have something to do with it?
You notice how US born blacks lag behind black immigrants in every single category. You also notice how only 36 percent live in two parent households. In fact, you notice how the groups with the highest percentage of married households always seem to do the best in every area.
Maybe this explains why Asian Americans do better than everyone at everything. They also have the highest percentage of kids living in two parent households. Weird, right?
Is this some kind of astronomically improbable coincidence? Or might we consider the possibility that the state of the family in any given community will determine the overall success rate of that community?
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