Finally watching AtLA with baby sister. We'll see how this goes?
I'm 99% certain Aang is like five
I feel for Sokka, snot is not fun
I love Gran Gran and I aspire to be her
bb!Zuko has no chill
AGSGGDGD roast duck
I do appreciate the double flippered penguins
.....I feel distinctly Too Old for This Show
I do appreciate the mirroredness between Sokka and Zuko during arming scene
Episode 2 or Okay Maybe Aang May Have Negated To Mention Things
Katara....has Such Strong Younger Sibling Energy
Sokka has the patience of a saint t b h
I think @shelbylynnmarie Appa's cuter 🤧🤧🤧
Aaaand we've now entered the Avatar state
And accident freezing of people
And Iroh has woken from his nap
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