Time to stop discussing process and get back to the real story about Roger Stone: he's a traitor who helped Russian intelligence make Trump president.

Here are his real crimes. Charge him.
First, remember what Trump is, and was always intended to be: a WEAPON against U.S. democracy in a global-scale assault on the United States - to delegitimize U.S. elections, corrupt political discourse, create divisions in society,

NOT to become President.
Trump was always intended to be a political weapon to rot America from within so other nations could more easily steal its wealth, perchance to ultimately support cruel oligarchs as amoral and sociopathic as they are.

NOT to become President.
American politics since Nixon's Southern Strategy had been headed toward an apotheosis in Donald Trump.

On Left and Right, politics became grievance, spectacle, form over function, partisanship over policy.

This served our enemies well. Trump epitomized this trend.
It has been, for decades, in the interest of our enemies to exacerbate all the extreme, corrupt, divisive trends represented by the caricature of Trump.

But after 2012, this became a pressing matter for those enemies. Obama and Mueller declared war on the Global Mob.
In 2011, after getting upright from the assault on the U.S. economy in the "Crash of 2008" (an economic warfare attack yet to be revealed), Obama and Mueller declared war on The Global Mob.

In 2012, Obama cracked down on Mob banking.

In 2013...Trump goes to Moscow.
Sure, just a few months after Magnitsky cracks down on the Global Mob's banking, Russian intel pulls off a propaganda and espionage coup with the defection of that shit-eating traitor, Ed Snowden, and that front for Russian military intelligence: WIKILEAKS.
Because you can't pull off a covert spy-and-Mobster war with the U.S. Intelligence Community free to fight back without propaganda at home. Smart, for our enemies. Disgusting for the US media that helped them.

Meanwhile, Trump was getting his marching orders in Moscow. For 2016.
By 2013, Trump is completely owned by the Russian Mob, and he owes his fame to friendly U.S. media that know he's bankrupt and in debt to bad people.

So when Trump is told to run for President, he does it. Doesn't really have a choice.

But he'll need help.
Remember, Trump has no choice and Putin knows that the money will start to dry up quick if America finally starts messing with offshore banking.

So Putin and his pals activate every washed-up, bedraggled, sixth-rate buncha scuzzy dumpster lickers with daddy issues they can find.
And I suppose it's fitting that tonight, as the whole thing is ready to collapse under the weight of its own galactic stoopid, we focus on the fate of one man, the jock itch of American politics, the senselessly perennial stain on democracy...

...this asshole.
If there is anyone who personifies the putrid ridiculousness of 2020, of the warmed-over fungus of Boomer dysfunction, of the bewildering immortality of Soviet intelligence, of America's ability to be so full of promise and end up so goddamned lost at times...

...it's him.
Dear Americans, allies, and you indefatigable Bulgarian/Moldovan/4Chan trolls who get up for work in an hour to read this, I have my trademark screenshots of legal filings, but we have to do illustrations first.

Because *how* is this buttplug America's nemesis tonight?
America was born in the sin of slavery, fought a vastly powerful empire to achieve its own birth, set brother to slay brother, slowly achieved some of its own ideals, achieved global power, fought tyranny around the globe and now...

...we're worried about *this* dingleberry.
We've fought back Hitler, then Stalin, then made it to the moon, then somehow defeated* communism, only to find ourselves praying we figure out how to beat Roger Stone and this slouching chimera of Roy Cohn, Droopy Dog, and a toad with endocrine malfunction.

Come on, guys.
Nevertheless, we persist. I guess before we seize the future, master artificial intelligence before it does the reverse, cure pandemics, and create even more, better Netflix shows, America must first deal with this slime-dragging political rectal wart.

Well OK then. Easy enough.
I'm about to throw up a bunch of 18 U.S. Code §§ All the Goddamned Felonies, about Roger, but first, let's give a shout out to the most fearsome lawman in American history, a guy who collected 1.8 BILLION pages of evidence on ALL this shit:

You know who.
Forget all the doom, gloom, and horseshit that Mueller "failed" or "lost" or -you know, fuck it- I can't. I'm done stomaching all that crap.

I'm sorry nobody has patience, and I get why, but with 1.8 billion pages, Mueller could indict your fucking breakfast cereal. From 1988.
Mueller and the FBI have investigated most of the issues at play today for at least two decades.

Nobody gets that outside the Bureau, and I understand why. Still, the reality is, in 2017, the second Trump fired Comey, Mueller had two SCIFs - and open season. On everything.
So, when a lawman has a target-rich environment, decades of warmup, a yen for prosecuting complex crimes, a hatred of the Mob and Russian intel, and a Mob idiot accidentally President...do you think this troglodyte is *that* hard to nail?
And - swish this around your brainpan like a fine Burgundy - perhaps letting Barr engage in this level of moronic obstruction of justice isn't a bug but a *feature,* casting a light everywhere he slouches over in panic, allowing a long-overdue prosecutorial bleach and blowtorch?
Because let's be real - you're more likely to dam up Niagara Falls by flinging handfuls of Number Two pencils at it than you are effectively cover up *all the crimes* of these baboons while they're still spraying their stench on the walls of the White House.
Well - it's time to get into *just a few of the filings,* so here's the Bottom Line Up Front: they ain't even charged Roger Stone yet with what he's done.

Not even all the OTHER crimes they got warrants for.

Trump and Barr expended their ammo over...nothing. So they're screwed.
By way of reminder, Mueller charged Stone in Jan 2019, likely aware that Barr was in to shut all the shit down before Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were chairs of their committees and Pelosi got The Gavel.

So they threw a minor indictment at Rog over him lying to Schiff.
They didn't nail Roger for conspiracy with Assange (yet) or conspiracy this or that, or any of the BAJILLION felonies he's likely committed only to be overridden by counterintelligence concerns that pre-empted prosecution.

This is just for lying one time. And he lost. Badly.
THERE ARE SO MANY MORE CRIMES AWAITING ROGER STONE. All he's facing is the one time he lied to Adam Schiff and then threatened Randy Credico's dog.

But in 2017, they started an actual investigation. And it turned up REAL FELONIES on Roger.

Here: 18 U.S. Code §1030.
They started searching Roger's Twitter account *ahem* for a prosecution over 18 U.S. Code §1030, FRAUD WITH COMPUTERS.

And it goes from there.
Because Roger, like a warthog missing a couple chromosomes, tried colluding with Russian intelligence over fucking Twitter DMs.

I mean. What can you say?
They don't even have to break out the classified intel to show you Roger was working straight with the Russkis - something that should alarm Russia *and* Rog.
And Jesus, the level of stoopid here - it's like days after Stone's buddy Manafort is giving Trump polling data to the GRU - Rog is talking right to Russian intel.

Using. Twitter.
Roger's running around Florida, yapping about his conspiracy with Russian intel, Russian state media...it all ends up leading to ever more search warrants...
Jesus...there's so much here, you gotta let the criminal prosecutions speak. The basic are STONE WAS AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING WITH TRUMP, BANNON, RUSSIAN INTEL, Alex Jones, troll farms...just so much obvious stoopid.
Here's you've got Stone, Bannon, Cambridge Analytica, Jill Stein...all since over two years ago...

...their whole conspiracy was on radar. The whole time.
These assholes were doing everything possible to corrupt U.S. democracy, and doing it side-by-side with Russian intel.

While NATO intel watched. 🤪
Of course, these knuckleheads had to tie together attacks on UK, French, Canadian and every other election just so, I dunno, EVERYONE OF THEM could get indicted by 12 countries?
Stone's crimes are not lying to Adam Schiff at a House Intel Committee interview.

They're about being a key part of the dumbest, riskiest political treason shitshow in history.

All recorded for the ages by the FBI. And many, many intel agencies.
Incidentally, Bannon's interviews across various agencies (HPSCI, FBI, etc) are *adorable* in their attempts to pretend like nobody really knew Roger Stone and/or Manafort.

But over the thousands of pages, it's all revealed as bullshit.

These guys were a team.
All of them. Bannon. Flynn. Stone. Mercer, Prince. It never stops. It gets keeps expanding, and a good 100-year prison sentence for any of them will explode into cascading proffers that indict more people than any of them can individually imagine.
There's money, blackmail, cyber Ops, media Ops...on and on it goes.

Stone at the center of so much, but hardly essential. They were ALL equally committed to treason.
And the investigations were never even exclusively criminal, but a dangerous hybrid - counterintelligence investigations so broad, you could even prosecute crimes simultaneously!

That's. How. Obvious. And. Stoopid.
It's damn nearing never-ending. I mean, it's getting caught for treason through your fucking iTunes account.

You can't make this stuff up.

And so tomorrow's day in court for Rog...is just one of many.
There is SO much more to come.

See you tomorrow.

The felonies expand from here.

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