The view of Autism in New Zealand needs to stop only focusing on children and early intervention and start looking at the long term support adults may need too.
Having autism as an adult is a difficult thing, especially if you need support. I can honestly say that Autism for myself is disabling and difficult and makes for a complicated life. It also usually comes with other disabilities like sensory issues.
The support organizations specifically for autism mostly have a very big focus on children and early intervention. Adult support is limited and advocacy for those adults with autism is also not specific to autism. Without that specific training many do not understand the issues.
I want to stay in the community. And many of us, even requiring care... can contribute to society and be valuable members of society. I hope I show you that myself through my sharing with you all :) But there is a need for more information, support and training for those helping.
Also thanks for reading everyone, feels nice to be able to say something sometimes.
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