Some on #MedTwitter are really shook bc #NurseTwitter is filled with nurses who “don’t know there place”. Got that right! You say we can’t do xyz, yet we defy the medical patriarchy anyway. Y’all try to block our progress, yet we’re resilient & we regroup and overcome.
The Nursing of yesteryear is gone! It’s not coming back, we will continue to move forward, regardless of what y’all say to do, even if it’s in baby steps. Even if it means going back to the drawing after some setbacks. But we will continue forward, best you can do is join us.
#MedTwitter, #NurseTwitter has never required your permission to be great and to grow and change, and more nurses are waking up to that. We’ve got a lot of work to do internally, but we will not become stagnant. We will not ask permission to be great.
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