Important historical text on Afghanistan (Note: This list features a variety of authors including, Western Afghans, Hazaras, Pakhtuns and even Americans)
1. 'Afghanistan' by Louis Dupree
2. 'Dynamics of Political Development in Afghanistan' by Hafizullah Emadi
3. 'Ghost Wars' by Steven Coll
4. 'Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response' by Mohammed Kakar
5. 'Return of a King' by William Dalrymple
6. 'Taliban' by Ahmed Rashid
7. 'The Fragmentation of Afghanistan' by Barnett Rubin
8. '99 Nights in Logar' by @JamilJanKochai
Had to give my brother the plug, even though it's technically considered fiction, it's more historically accurate than a lot of Afghan history books. It covers ignored histories of Afghanistan such as the Dasht-i-Leili massacre and the many massacres committed by Massoud.
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