This begins a short thread on Bush Estate in Eccles and Bush Drive in Carr Gap. Rum ole plaerce as we say round hare. Originally wooden dwellings built in the 40s with no mains water or electrickery. It’s a warren of I think about 200 buildings. Eclecticism at its finest.
Very few of the original still exist, but some still have hints of them. We used to stay in Eccles in the static park in mid-1990s when we had small children and were skint, we had friends who lived on the Bush Estate.
One of the friends was in the process of building a house. Basically he built it round the static/shed he’d bought on the site, mostly using scavenged stuff. Once it was weatherproof he took the shed down. It was tiled with broken crockery and stuff like that. Amazing at the time
That’s not it, I didn’t go all the way round and can’t exactly remember where it was, but I’ll be heading back, because it is a photographic/recording project in its own right.
Bush Drive is equally splendid. I seem to remember going to a party somewhere here in my teens, but suspect the big ruin it was in has long since been demolished.
Nearer the Cart Gap end it gets a bit thinner. As you can see.
Lovely stuff anyway. More to follow too.
Here’s another. Nice slab of turquoise.
Summer scenes also.
Bush Estate again.
Randomly little house on the prairie-like building.
Can’t beat a boat in a garden either.
Cart gap, understand the windsock, not sure about St Pirin’s flag though.
This one is interesting because I think it might be one of the original huts from the 1930s, possibly, maybe.
And. The hellspawn. One of those trail bike things which float.
One more. This is our two eldest daughters, one sitting in a fruit box, the other being tickled by our drummer Mark (we always took a drummer, them’s the rules). This is from 1993 when we used to stay at Eccles Beach Carsvan Park.
Cart Gap, Norfolk.
Jetsam, Bush Estate, Eccles, Norfolk.
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