China extends multi-billion dollar package to Zimbabwe
Chinese companies own about 80% of the processing plants in the mineral-rich Katanga Province in Congo
absorb over 90% of the regions mineral exports and some 50% of the countrys mineral exports
In 2007 RAID produced a briefing paper entitled Advice to Chinese Companies Operating in the Mining Sector in Africa in which some of the human rights issues

Especially that of children
uses prison labor in Africa

Furthermore, it is true that domestically, prison labour is actually very common in China, considering their prison population of 2.3 million, second only to the US
Fishing is a meal for many , many African countries

China is stealing their source of food 😪💔

Ghana’s fish stocks decimated by illegal fishing

Chinese involvement in industrial trawling is depleting Ghana’s fish stocks and harming livelihoods
China 🇨🇳 is
main reason Africa is losing war to stop wipe-out of rhinos and elephants

They will face extinction soon
I won’t Sleep because of this

The Chinese have no soul or heart 😞💔

Zimbabwe rips 35 baby elephants from their mothers for export to Chinese zoos

These are babies
China’s Military Base in Djibouti: A Microcosm of China’s Growing Competition with the United States and New Bipolarity
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