Continuing my study of EVERY #QAnon drop (post) from #drop1440 - previous digs here:

Study with me! #100dropsday, today we're getting to drop 1600.
#wwg1wga #digitalsoldiers
"Start the Clock.
A Week to [Remember]."

"First private [CLAS-5(6)]
Second public."

What do these quotes from #QAnon #drop1441 mean? (June 10,2018)
#QAnon #drop1443 sounds like this part is referring to North Korea:

"Dark to LIGHT.
Shall we play a game?
You have a choice.
Do what is right."

That's 11 long dashes followed by one short one. OH!! I never thought this could mean the 12th! 6/12/18

#QAnon is NOT a LARP. #drop1444 shows a pic from Singapore with the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the distance - a "Sky Event" fulfilling previous Q drops. The NK talks were huge in showing Q's authenticity.
QAnon #drop1445:

"Think Spade.
Trace to Children Foundation(s) (NY).
Trace to Import/Export.
Trace from China/MX to Long Beach.
Trace sale/spin off of Co.
Trace to CF.
Trace to Port (Security Clearance Profile (L5)).
Who granted?

@carolinasassie ideas?
"Every single picture posted is ORIGINAL.
Pulled/Wiped or Taken.
Think about what that means."
- QAnon #drop1446

Why capital "W" and "T"?

In drop #1447, Q seems to confirm that some of the photos they post come from bad guys' devices.

Study Q with me!
QAnon #drop1449:

"No. 72
Where was Kim tonight?
How was this known?
You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion.
Enjoy the show."

What does "No. 72" mean?

This whole series of NK meeting drops is one of the strongest Q proofs.
"Gardens by the Bay.
See prev pic.
Everything shown has meaning.
You are watching a 'scripted' movie."

My gosh. Incredible. 
#QAnon drop 1451 #drop1451:
"Does Kim look nervous prior to the 'BIG' meeting w/ POTUS?
Did they already meet long ago?"

Yes they did - Q said this several times before Jun 2018.

"The World is Safer."

Why capitalize S? Is there a POTUS tweet with a capital/missing S?
"Got Popcorn?"

Capital P ...
#QAnon #drop1454

"Nothing to do w/ NUKES (cover_)" - incredible. What was Obama really sending pallets of cash to Iran for?

"[...] lifting sanctions (blockade) to allow access of foreign businesses for individual & co-wide enrichment."
#QAnon #drop1455 has a confusing part to me - any help?

You have a choice.
SIS 'good' agents.
The time is now.
Contact window(s) [GOOD]

#wwg1wga #digitalsoldiers
#QAnon #drop1456:
"Provides Timeframe."

Capital T. Any significance?
#QAnon #Drop1460: 

"Those with an agenda to discredit are pushing false information."

I'm sad that so little thought goes into attacking Q.

Why assume Q's fake just because of perceived failed predictions?
OK #QAnon #drop1461 is confusing, I need help understanding. 

Q seems to be saying the "23" marker was pointing to June 12th, 2018 in Singapore (NK meeting w/ POTUS).

"What else might (23) refer to?
Dash v Minus?

#QAnon #drop1462 #100dropsaday:

- Julian Assange
- Seth Rich
- Wikileaks
- "The 'server' brings down the house."

I am just lost a bit. Anyone?
#QAnon #drop1463 ... I need to make a page about Seth Conrad Rich. 

It brings tears to my eyes. Seth Rich had a hand in helping to save the world.

He was a true patriot and martyr.
There. Will add to it soon.

#QAnon #drop1464:
"No. 100"
waaait a minute. There was a "No. 72" not long before that ... is it meaning full? What does No. 100" refer to?

"Dark to Light.
1:07 [Marker]"

Incredible. Have you *really* watched this video?
#wwg1wga #100dropsaday
#QAnon #drop1472:

What the what? Is this a photo of Alaska volcano peaks and a missile? What is going on here? Anyone have context? @LadyTheRiveter you're smart, what are your thoughts? :P

Is this from AF1?
#QAnon #drop1475 - from "Q+" (POTUS) - "GODSPEED ONE AND ALL." Is this the President's way of saying "we're good" after a possible attempt to harm him?

How can the MSM ignore stuff like this?
#QAnon #drop1476:
"This is not a game.
Certain events were not suppose to take place."

Filename: "*.jpg"

Asterisk = bomb?


It's a motherflipping missile, excuse my French.

It ties to #drop1472.

Missing "d"
OK, #100dropsaday gonna go late into the night tonight.

Any NZ / Australia patriots out there? India, Eastern Europe? I know @benibaru and some wonderful Japanese Q Army folks out there!

Studying Q drops to 1600.
Current place: 

#drop1492 next. #QAnon
#QAnon #drop1493: 



Ho Lee Fuk - Is this saying the CIA was involved in both 2016 election cheating but in hacking a Chinese submarine in Washington vs POTUS??
QAnon #drop1497 

"Thank you USSS."

Incredible. What's the explanation for this if Q's a LARP?
#wwg1wga  6:18pm
"Morning strolls"

POTUS tweet w/ photo of POTUS taking a morning stroll, essentially: 6:32pm  6:45pm - Q confirms:
"We do try!"

Another fine Q proof :)
#qanon #wwg1wga 
"Will inspect/review.
Marine One proofs forthcoming.
AF1 (inside) thereafter.
More & More."

M&M? Eminem? Dunno.
Marine One never happened ...
AF1 did, and I watched and analyzed it in real time. Amazing Q proof.
Wow! QAnon drop 1518: 

An anon had said:
11.3 = when HUBER made a SEALED indictment
11.6 = when HUBER made a SEALED indictment

Q replied:
"Well done, Anon.
Shows commitment."

So ... *those* 2017 dates are confirmed by Q - but see:

I think this is the first "Q worldwide" image post.

Later, @RainbowFairy12 came along and changed my life when she did this thread:

That led to the map: 

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