No, scientists & doctors didn't "lie" to you about #masks.

To think so requires a fundamental misunderstanding of science & public health policy.

Scientific knowledge changes. Public health policy changes with it.

Mask policy is an example.

A thread:

Science is not a body of knowledge. It doesn't *say* anything.

Science is a process.

We propose hypotheses about how something works in the world, then use experiments that try to disprove those hypotheses. If we can't disprove them, we assume them to be true--for now.

The novel #Coronavirus is "novel" because it only emerged in humanity at the end of last year. Obviously, that's not a lot of time to study & understand this virus.

When it first emerged, the science community reasonably inferred it would behave like other coronaviruses...

Other #coronavirus diseases, like SARS, don't spread w/o symptoms. We assumed this was true about #SARSCoV2.

But scientists began testing that hypothesis.

Meanwhile, the virus was spreading quickly & ppl were getting extremely sick.

This put a strain on hospitals' PPE.

So #publichealth policymakers recommended that the public NOT wear masks.

1) because we didn't think masks could protect them (e.g. symptomatic vs. asymptomatic spread)

2) to reduce demand & save masks for ppl we thought needed them.

Then science happened.

We learned:
1) #COVID19 spread *without* symptoms
2) cloth masks were effective at stopping it

Policymakers reversed course: EVERYONE should wear masks to protect against asymptomatic spread.

We learned something new & adjusted policy accordingly.

This isn't "lying." This is the scientific & policy process working like they should.

Scientific knowledge changes. Policy changes with it.

This is how the process is supposed to work. Lack of knowledge is not "lying," it's just lack of knowledge.


8/ know who did lie?

ppl who CONTINUE, despite firm science, to play down the virus, play down #masks, ignore the record-setting spread of #COVID19 in America's biggest states, who want to undercut scientists & doctors to excuse their own mishandling of the virus.

So don't blame the scientists, doctors, & policymakers who've tried their best to stay honest & accurate to the science like #DrFauci. And yes #DrFauciIsAHero.

Blame the politicians & pundits who've tried to twist their words for their ends, or silence them.

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