Rahul Gandhi's attendance as an MP in his first term 33% less than the national average. Participated in only 2 debates(37 is national average). Asked 0 questions. Presented 0 Private Member Bills(1/n)
RG's attendance in 2nd term was 28% less than national average. Participated in 14 debates(national average being 67).Asked 0 questions. Presented 0 private member bills. Yet, towards the end of the 2nd term he became INC VP and practically the PM candidate(2/n)
Led Congress to a devastating defeat. Did they really expect a below average MP to lead INC to national victory? Such sycophants. He was rewarded for his failure and became President of INC in his 3rd term as MP.(3/n)
Did his performance as an MP improve? Nope. He lost his own constituency along with national elections. In fact, he was so ineffective that the BJP increased its vote share. In his 3rd term as MP, his attendance is 28% less than the national average(4/n)
Participated in 2 debates(16 being the national average till now). Asked 40 questions(49 being the national average). Presented 0 Private Member Bills. By all accounts, RG is a below average MP and a terrible incompetent politician who's only being promoted coz of his surname(5/n
The Congress needs to find a better more charismatic and competent leader. These sycophants have hijacked democracy by refusing to offer us a better alternative. The first step to revive INC is to kick out the Gandhis. And that's that.(6/6)
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