Me: says im shitposting my way to enlightenment
Also me: experiences enlightenment. Me: surprised_pikachu.jpg

Think I experienced satori/Kenshō/one taste. AMA so I know I’m not delusional.

(I might answer w/ mystical poetry)

Me talking a bunch about virtual machines (many tweets about this)
Me talking about dereferencing properly:
Me talking about system becoming complete:
Tons of tweets claiming I'm shitposting to enlightment (what i think it's happening: sub-mind has that intention, but it isn't owned by the "I" me and so you can say it but don't actually neither believe nor not believe it, at the time of stating)
me (again, "jokingly") saying i tweet for the karmic beenfit of my followers
Ok, I can't help myself lol
Me talking about FOOMing and "wisdom function"- the function that runs and that outputs wisdom

Have had this folder on my desktop since forever. Might be time to delete it. Complete. (I'm not """wise""" but I am "wiser" and *think* this process terminated
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