Covid-19 conspiracy in Kenya

Yesterday, 379 Kenyans tested positive for Covid-19 (Sars-Cov2) bringing the total to 10105 total to have ever been infected by the novel coronavirus.


Kenya reported its first case of Covid-19 in March 2020. The message was confusing as Kenyans went online to claim that the woman pictured below was the first patient. The lady denied the claim, govt supported her denial

Fast forward, enter Brenda Ivy Cherotich and Brian Orinda, who later were paraded as having healed from the disease in May. Quite a long time to be in the isolation or treatment I tell you.

Kenyans didn't believe govts side of the story on Brenda and Brian. There was confusion still even as Brenda claimed to have been the first patient.

Maybe she was, maybe not.

But the PR failed with Kenyans.

It is appalling that Brenda's nudes leaked. That was a low moment. But let me not digress.

In March, the experts who are genius to have kept us indoors, sending more people into poverty, out of jobs, reduced salaries etc had said by April, things will be worse.

Frame 1: Media rpt ÂŚ Frame 2: UoN Research

April came and passed and tales of original Kenyan sin of entrepreneurship broke out. Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma's donations were disappearing.

A cartel was smoked out, led by the inner circle to the great naked emperor of Kenya. But these stories were quickly shut down.

So inside May, into June, Kenyans started questioning where the numbers were coming from. The MOH would announce figures in the hundreds to have been found with the virus, but a snap check in most areas of Nairobi, the numbers did not tally with activities at the testing centres
Take for example Mbagathi, it was said to be sending people to a little known Lady Northley Dental clinic for Covid-19 tests.


At Lady Northley, those sent there for tests accused the management and doctors of negligence, there were long lines of people waiting to be tested but it wasn't forthcoming.

Some said people were being asked to part with money for a Covid-19-free certificate even without testing.

We are in July, the targets that 'it will be worse in April' having passed inconsequential, the govt had given a new date when coronavirus will be felling people down like fruits off a shaken tree. The new hell month is said to be September.

September is coming fast; the govt has already been exposed on different fronts. I don't say Covid-19 (Sars-Cov2) is not real, but how did we defeat Sars-Cov1? (the 1st coronavirus in 2003)

An inquisitive person like me will say the govt, noting that July is a cold month that stretches into August, is looking at hospitals filing up with patients seeking treatment for common cold, flu and Pneumonia, even Covid-19 (small %)

And if the USA has been lying about Covid-19 numbers, what about a country like (mount) Kenya? 🤔

Sars-Cov1 never made its way around the world like Sars-Cov2 (Covid-19) has done. This and careless talks by billionaires particularly Bill Gates, which some people dismiss when questioned, as if govt is the monopoly for truth, raises eyebrows.

I'm Kenya, a scroll-through most replies under MoH and newsmedia announcing Covid-19 numbers shows that people don't trust the system anymore.

Why should they?

Even if a million people die today, million more will survive & call it Coronavirus bulshit. Live, let live.

Whether you say coronavirus is real (which now appears as coordinated messages complete with hashtags) or say coronavirus is not real doesn't matter.

It's up to everyone to believe what they want. Problem is those people who don't often show love feign that love now. 😝

Despite the huge numbers in Kenya, no media houses has ever been allowed to take videos of patients in these isolation wards. They say, they are protecting privacy.

Hey, have we forgotten about the blur feature on videos?

Someone argues that when the media started capturing the mass testing. There was an abrupt announcement of 'running out of test kits' the next day

Coronapreneurs didn't want to be caught once again.

Yes, push the message, coronavirus is real, but who in their right minds tests less than 50,000 a day in the middle of a pandemic, shouts at the top of their lungs that we should wear masks, stay at home and not travel up country?

It is better to die upcountry rather than be saddled with debts in the city - Someone reminded those shouting coronavirus is real.

Anyways, when you challenge a bigger man to a duel, you have to be prepared to die.

Not many people can go against govt propaganda and win.

Govts have never been truthful even according to history, and that's why we will have people that support it & those who oppose it.

This should not be taken as saying that coronavirus is a hoax, that coronavirus is not a real thing. Nope.

Sanitize, wash hands, wear face masks, avoid going out unnecessarily. By doing this, you stay away from many things.

Also, do you.

It is just that even in the face of supposed coming extinction or catastrophe to humanity, elements in power and with money have continued to act with impunity, the law applies selectively, the issue of enslaving the masses more pronounced.

The low numbers means one thing.

It keeps the 'hit rate' higher. Is this done so as to Attract donor funds?

And attract they have. But kwa ground no help to the people who need it the most. Where is the money going?

Covid-19 is real, but not as dangerous as some other diseases, Cholera, for example.

When cholera comes, it wipes out a few tens of people, then goes away because people start washing hands, not eating out

But what is this disease which even after we have sanitize, wore facemasks, stayed indoors, it continues to be peddled as dangerous yet the mortality rate is lower?


Do Respiratory diseases caused by viruses ever heal? If not, then what?

Can't we agree on truth first, because WHO has been changing positions, & it seems deliberate to cause confusion and more panic.

Why is WHO doing this yet 20 years ago it had a similar virus, the Sars-Cov1?

See, this is why it is hard to believe the govt.

By acting clueless, changing statements everyday, WHO feeds the conspiracy theories, and oh boy, we are living in the golden age of conspiracy theories.

For example, before Edward Snowden burst out and told us, allthe data of our activities online is saved by the govt permanently, there were people who warned us, but they were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Who is laughing now?

The fear of vaccines is real, the position that Bill et al wants to profit is legit, the concerns that we are about to be chipped so as to live in a true Orwellian world is real.

Truth is what has lacked in the fight against Covid-19, as both sides lie., the govt lies, not all theorists can be trusted.

So, what to do?

33/ Ends.
One more thing, why such headlines 👉, 'Man who said Covid-19 is not real, dies of Covid-19'

This is fear mongering. Coronavirus is real, but it is NOT the cause of all deaths currently happening

Some doctors have even questioned why Covid-19 is written in all death certs

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