Right Dublin. Chat to ye in a week
Made a friend...
And breathe...
Probably going a wee bit too slow...
Compared to the usual stress of cycling in Dublin this is a bloody tonic
I seem to have found myself in a bog of some sort...
Day 1 in the books. The Grand Canal Way is a fantastic albeit tough into a headwind cycle. Interesting mix of taking it easy and going hard down a national primary road into horizontal rain. Connemara awaits tomorrow 😊
Nice of Mayo to give the traditional Connacht weather all the same...
The Wild Atlantic. Feckin beautiful power in it
The absolute still calm and natural beauty of Doolough really is one of the greatest things we have on this island
Dammit Covid!
Ah Connemara you're spoiling me now...
Tailwind time. Finally!
Anyone wants me tomorrow, I'll be flaked out on Silver Strand. C'mon Galway weather, don't be shite
Definitely worse spots out there to sit with a coffee...
Ok this is bloody cool. And only a 10 minute cycle from Eyer Square too!
How fn cool is that?
Today was supposed to be a rest day but when the sun is shining you just have to explore. So many hidden gems within an easy cycle of Galway city centre
Galway you were class as ever. Now onwards towards Munster
Yes Oranmore!
Wasn't expecting that fog! Hopefully the ghetto fog lights do the job...
Ah now lads...
Welcome to where exactly?

Fecked up the thread. I'm sure the Burren is still gorgeous...
The beauty of bikepacking is that you can just go down random lanes and find all sorts of gorgeous hills
Ah wow
Been looking forward to this. Right, where's serving substantial meals in Limerick that isn't full of Gowls?
These look familiar. Very continental approach taken in Limerick too
This place scrubs up well in the sunshine doesn't it?
That was just a lovely, lovely day out in the saddle. Folk living in Limerick are so lucky to have such beautiful hills within close reach of their city
Such an amazing continental riverside set up here
Just a feckin gorgeous walk along the Shannon in a fine mist. What a way to wake up in the morning
The less glamorous side of bike packing. Important to keep the legs from complaining at you too much though
Definitely a struggle to get up and going this morning but on we press. Limerick you were class, now it's a nice tailwind to help me to Kilkenny
Made it out of Limerick without too many wrong turns. This seems much more pleasant than the main Dublin road...
Lovely chat at the crossroads with a local lad out on the bike. Local knowledge of areas is great. Always nice to be given the option of a flat or a hilly route into the next village on the route.
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