"Peter definitely helped. He really talked Andrew up"

❝The Prince and Peter Mandelson were guests at the wedding of Evelyn & Lynn Rothschild—a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell

According to Mandelson's friends, the Prince & the minister were invited to be witnesses at the ceremony❞
The Duchess of York's involvement likewise proved useful.
"Lynn Rothschild gave her friend Jeffrey Epstein a staggering $8.5 MILLION DISCOUNT on a home for their mutual close friend Ghislaine Maxwell."
Evelyn Rothschild's son (Lynn Rothschild's son-in-law) explains his support for Ghislaine's #TerraMar, which is under FBI investigation.

TerraMar was a "fake charity slush fund for child victims of Ghislaine's sex trafficking operation with Epstein."

Peter Mandelson lives in a home owned by his friend Nat Rothschild (Mandelson is also close to Nat's father, Jacob)

Mandelson's home adjoins Nat's estate


The Rothschilds (Evelyn & Jacob are cousins), Mandelson & Jeffrey Epstein #MutualFriends

Evelyn & Lynn live in NY, MA, London & #AscottHouse

Jacob lives at #Eythrope & manages #Waddesdon

#JimmySavile preyed at #Champneys

Ghislaine lived at #Headington nr #Witney's Chipping Norton Set

#Turville has united Sainsburys, Rothschilds, Bouvier-Radziwills, Gettys & Fords
Also from the map, nearby #StoweSchool is associated with:

Ghislaine, Ghislaine's ex lover & Fergie

Principal Wallersteiner—son of Robert Maxwell's business partner

Pedophile Bishop Peter Ball, 'a pedo ex-principal' & 'a pedophile ring'

The late child trafficker Lord McAlpine

Ghislaine Maxwell: 1982–85 Balliol

Ariadne Calvo-Platero: 1982–85 ChristChurch

Geordie Greig: 1979–c81 St Peters

UK PM Boris Johnson: 1983–87 Balliol

Cressida Dick: 1979–82

Stephen Twigg (Islington scandal): 1985–88 Balliol

Keir Starmer: 1985–86 St Edmund
#Rothschilds who went to #OxfordUniversity:

• Nat Rothschild: c1990–93 Waddham

• Hannah Rothschild: c1981–84 St Hilda's

• Robert Hanson: c1977–80? St Peter's [Robert Hanson joined NM Rothschild & Sons in 1983]

• Jacob Rothschild: Christ Church
#Maxwells who went to #OxfordUniversity:

• Anne Maxwell: St Hugh's

• Philip Maxwell: Balliol

• Isabel Maxwell: St Hilda's

• Ian Maxwell: Balliol

• Kevin Maxwell: Balliol

• Gottfried von Bismarck [worked for Kevin Maxwell at Telemonde NY]

• Ghislaine: 1982–85 Balliol
Also of interest at Oxford:

Sir Colin Lucas
1973-90 Tutor Modern History, Balliol
1994-01 Master of Balliol
1997-04 VC of Oxford
2004-09 Warden of Rhodes House responsible for running Rhodes Scholarships

Lucas is:
• Godfather of UK PM Boris Johnson
• in Ghislaine's Black Book

• Peter Mandelson: 1973–1976 St Catherine's, Oxford

"Mandelson and Kevin Maxwell share the same gym, Lambton Place Health Club," it was reported in 1998.

Mandelson has of course been a friend and 'business partner' of Ghislaine and Epstein with several Black Book entries
'Financing the Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia, and Sexual Blackmailing Operation'

How Lynn Rothschild, Lord Mandelson and a bank chief got their buddy Jeffrey Epstein 'FINANCIALLY ENABLED' by Deutsche Bank...


If you find the shocking new NSPCC adverts effective, here's why: Peter Mandelson has been heavily involved

The master messenger helped persuade Tony Blair to launch the campaign with Prince Andrew

Peter has spent much unpaid time on this
Power Party for Hillary Clinton

The Jeffrey Epstein—Sept 11—NSPCC gang

#JeffreyEpstein #GhislaineMaxwell #Sept11 #NSPCC
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