Wayfair employee is now concerned about the “Platinum Team”
Regular customer service reps are not allowed to touch these orders
And Ray (Rachely) Chandler, a know sex trafficker, was a recruiter for Wayfair
More Platinum team members at Wayfair
Jane Carpenter
Don Stanley
DOTS people - connect the DOTS
All of these leaders at #Wayfair previously worked at Bain Capital #wayfairchildtrafficking
One more thing on the Mitt Romney tangent:
Epstein recruiter Ghislaine Maxwell‘s father Robert Maxwell gave Mitt Romney his first $2m investment to start Bain Capital.
Does Mossad have pedo dirt on Mitt?
Back to #wayfairchildtrafficking
Their Board member, Andrea Jung was given the Global Citizen Award ...... from non other than Hillary Clinton
I’m adding some great research sent me
https://twitter.com/redpilledisback/status/1281905815415390210?s=21 https://twitter.com/redpilledisback/status/1281905815415390210
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