I think now is a good time to start preparing ourselves for this intensive need for social distancing, masks etc at least until Jan 2022. By prepare I mean mentally too because I know a lot of us have been clinging to some semblance of relief in 2021. It’s not happening.
Generally hassle free Interstate travel in the USA is on the brink of becoming a thing of the past. It’s only going to get worse from here forward. I don’t say this to be fatalistic, but rather I feel compelled to speak about the realities we are dealing with in frank terms.
Sadly the longer we collectively try to hold on to “normalcy” (whatever that means) the longer it will take to get to a new more stable place with this disease.
Every lie this country has ever told the world about itself - we are the best, we are the greatest, we are the safest, we are the land of hopes and dreams have been laid bare for all to see. It’s comeuppance time for these United States & it’s gonna be rough.
Our governmental structures have proven themselves to be inept, inadequate and devoid of vision or power in this crisis. From local to state to federal. From right, to left. From coversative to progressive. All utterly useless.
Our federal leadership in particular has been such an abject pile of uselessness, we should be demanding everyone resign. IDC IDC IDC.
We are in the midst of the largest public health and financial crisis in history... and shit is about to get worse. Sept is when the markets will implode under the weight of coast to coast evictions and mortgage failures. Start planning now.
A few folks asked where this map is from - you can find it and the data here: https://www.covidexitstrategy.org/ 
And make no mistake. White supremacy got us here lock, stock and barrel. White supremacy set these conditions, it brought this country directly from slavery to T#u#p. It allowed the populace to ignore the racist failings that are now failing everyone.
Black folks - We need to get our elders situated WITH US as much as possible in the next 6 months. I’m having the hard convos in my family about my mother - so I don’t say this lightly.
Black people - collaborative living, farming, sharing, learning, schooling, building and supply chain control are going be crucial to keep as many of us safe as possible.
I’ll stop here for now because if you made it this far, I know your anxiety has spiked and your flight/fight/freeze response has been triggered (mine was writing it). But I also know as Black people, community is what we have to claim and survive now as it always has been.
Not even giving this person the RT but this hyper focus on the 1% death rate stat is just one of the reasons we are where we are. First of all losing 1% of the population at once will be devestate this country - but also death isn’t the only marker of harm.
So many People who are listed as “recovered” from COVID are dealing with irreversible organ damage and will have issues for the rest of their lives that will effect their ability to function as they did pre COVID.
Furthermore - currently 1 in 1500 Black people have died from COVID. So while your little “1%” stat may feel comforting, trust me BIPOC folks it shouldn’t comfort any of us.
And now I’m going to bed cuz I can hear the fucking trolls & bots clickity-clacking from here.
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