Oh, I can answer this question.

Where should I start?

🤔 https://twitter.com/JohnCornyn/status/1282434273669152768
Let me introduce you to @uche_blackstock

Aside from being the CEO of Advancing Health Equity, she is a practicing EM doctor in NYC.

She can teach you a bit about how systemic racism has been amplified in this pandemic. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1281736208385630209?s=20
Let me introduce you to @meganranney

She is an Associate Professor of EM at Brown, a digital health expert and gun violence prevention researcher.

She helped found #GetUsPPE to fill the gaps on getting PPE to healthcare workers all over the country. https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1281454351148617728?s=20
These are just a few of the medical expert(S) you can turn to if you are sick of listening to Dr. Fauci.

If you want more, just tweet.

We got you.

Oh, and we #StandWithFauci, in case you were confused.
Let me introduce you @Cleavon_MD

He is an Iraq war veteran, worked with me in #NYC, graduated and is now working in #AZ.

He has been documenting lives lost due to #COVID19, you should see their faces. https://twitter.com/Cleavon_MD/status/1281708871879286784?s=20
(it turns out I can't stop)

Let me introduce you to @jeremyfaust

He is another EM doctor in Boston who loves sciency stuff.

He has breaks down all the studies on vaccines and treatments (hydroxychloroquine!) on his daily newsletter @Brief_19 https://twitter.com/jeremyfaust/status/1276554542507835395?s=20
Let me introduce you to @choo_ek

She is an EM doctor in Oregon, founder of Equity Quotient and the OG of #MedTwitter

She calls it out like no one else, listen to her- its worked for me so far. https://twitter.com/choo_ek/status/1244459483998244866?s=20
Let me introduce you to @Craig_A_Spencer

You might recognize him for his greatest hit "I survived Ebola!" or his recent spot on @FoxNews

He is a global health expert who would love to help you advise the president on pandemic preparedness. https://video.foxnews.com/v/6159117029001#sp=show-clips
Let me introduce you to @DrTsion

Speaking of global health, did you know that aside from practicing EM in #NYC and surviving #COVID19 herself she is an advisor to the health minister of Ethopia.

Oh, did I mention she also served a medic tour in Iraq? https://twitter.com/CNN/status/1254110785132851200?s=20
Let me introduce you to @VinGuptaMD

He is a critical care doctor in Washington (the state, not the "swamp") and has been treating #COVID19 patients since beginning.

He is so over using platitudes to describe the state of your states. https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status/1282658256415072256?s=20
Let me introduce you @celinegounder

She is an infectious disease EXPERT and epidemiologist.

She has worked on all kinds of emerging infections and even hosts a podcast called EPIDEMIC with @RonaldKlain- you should listen! https://twitter.com/celinegounder/status/1282395185465491457?s=20
Let me introduce you to @DrRobDavidson

He is a EM doctor in rural Michigan and the executive director for the Committee to Protect Medicare.

I am throwing back to when he spoke to @VP directly about Medicare.

Truth to power, it's his brand. https://twitter.com/DrRobDavidson/status/1223056090713161728?s=20
Let me introduce you to @Zindoctor

He is an EM doc and #USAF combat vet, who created #ETHAN - an emergency telehealth and navigation program for Houston Fire

(translation: telemedicine for Houston's medics)

He lives on the front lines! https://www.buzzsprout.com/81623/621847-dr-michael-gonzalez-houston-ethan-program-ambulatory-video-telehealth
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