Why would a real Patriot have to declare so all the time?

They don't. But a non-Patriot does. Go fuck yourself Qanon-Sense.

The Storm is Comin

Turn this up.
The clean-up from this mess is on y'all. Whoever y'all are. We will all have to participate though. https://twitter.com/tbeadick/status/1280252193111605249?s=20
Yea I did. I only wrote that reply for a quote. So Fuqq off. It's true and you know it. https://twitter.com/tbeadick/status/1282671770219114497?s=20
OMG @PortlusGlam I've always liked how you express yourself. TY. https://twitter.com/PortlusGlam/status/1282671965006897152?s=20
I'll put this here as well. Because it's all connected. None of these ops would have worked without the softening of the base. When those truly don't know what to believe they'll believe anything. TY @TimInHonolulu https://twitter.com/TimInHonolulu/status/1282683999954112512?s=20
Fuqqery. Pure mind Fuqqery is what we're dealing with. This is why I'm so angry. My friends and family who support Trump literally believe in things that are part of an Alternate Reality. We need to treat it as such. https://twitter.com/pookleblinky/status/1282483254357098496?s=20
Mind Fuqqery to a degree unimaginable must take place before getting away with what sounds preposterous. https://twitter.com/BanksPatriot/status/1282676297685250050?s=19
Only speculative for the moment @BanksPatriot . We are seeing everything play out.
Oops. See. I still don't know wtf I'm doing. This goes up there.☝️☝️ https://twitter.com/BanksPatriot/status/1282682120033509380?s=19
We're kind of back to Q but it's all one big giant OP it seems like. https://twitter.com/jankybrain/status/1282353961224286211?s=20
Thank you @MollyMcKew
Signaling. Looking at them as "crazy" can no longer be the popular thing. https://twitter.com/MollyMcKew/status/1283024925528395780?s=19
@soychicka noting Qnesses. Been away and out all day, leaving this in here. https://twitter.com/soychicka/status/1283119901960540161?s=19
And TY @AlexBNewhouse

Scroll down this thread for a nice study Qroup. https://twitter.com/AlexBNewhouse/status/1283076365550419968?s=19
I started this telling Q to fuqq off.... and i still do, but this is really about mind fuquery? I'm learning to spell. TY @Heidi_Cuda https://twitter.com/Heidi_Cuda/status/1280349504009469952?s=19
Found the above reply in this thread on a disinformation network. The more i stick around this platform the more i learn. Part of the fuqquery. 2qs? Or 2much? Still learning to spell. Well done @arawnsley and ty. https://twitter.com/arawnsley/status/1280289559801212929?s=19
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