“There is always time to mitigate election-system vulnerabilities. Voters and election-integrity groups can and should contact county election officials and demand backup paper poll books on election day... 1/ https://thedailyedge.substack.com/p/hacking-our-democracy
... and that all voters have the option to use hand marked paper ballots at the polls.” 2/
“Campaigns and election-integrity groups can and should organize voters as poll monitors to photograph precinct results on election night and compare those totals to the reported results. If they don’t match, this could provide the basis for an election challenge...” 3/
http://ProtectOurvotes.com , http://Scrutineers.org , and http://DemocracyCounts.org  are trying to organize groups of voters to do this [poll tape review]..., but they could use support from larger groups and campaigns.” 4/
“One thing we need, but don’t have, is a secure (to the extent possible) website 4 voters to report disenfranchisement, along with contact information, as it is currently more or less impossible to quantify the effects of voter suppression and mail ballots that never arrive. “ 5/
“If we can’t quantify it, we can’t use it for an election challenge. Altho the voter-protection hotline is a wonderful service that provides voters w/ help on election day (1-866-OUR-VOTE), it does not make its numbers public. And I doubt it takes down voter contact info...” 6/
Audit USA is “fighting in court to ensure that digital ballot images, which scanners automatically generate, are preserved and made available to election integrity groups who wish to compare them to reported totals. We should support these efforts.” 7/
“If voters wish to vote by mail, they should apply as soon as possible to try to avoid mail delays. They should be very careful to follow the instructions precisely. Seemingly innocuous details can cause mail ballots to be rejected.” 8/
“If their county allows them to deposit their mail ballots in a drop box, they should do that, rather than relying on the mail service, which may be unreliable due to the pandemic and Trump’s appointment of a new postmaster general.” 9/
“If voters choose to vote in person or have no other choice, they should bring their correct ID (after checking their county election website) and a completed sample ballot with them. The completed sample ballot will help them vote much more quickly. “ 10/
In person voters “should request to mark a paper ballot with a ballpoint pen (exception for voters with disabilities). But if they must use a touchscreen, bringing a completed sample ballot will help them review the touchscreen printout for any vote flips or deletions.“ 11/
“Deletions, in particular, will be difficult to notice without bringing a sample ballot for comparison. Again, voters should not give state races or other down ballot races short shrift. They are critical,” and prime targets for manipulation. 12/
“Voters should check their voter registration status every few months and save a screenshot as proof.” 13/
“Voters should know to contact the voter-protection hotline, 1-866-OUR-VOTE, if they encounter any problems voting. They should also report any such problems to a poll worker, local media, and on social media.“ 14/
“Campaigns and election-integrity groups should consider distributing this information to voters on postcards or flyers.” 15/
“Finally, voters should volunteer as poll workers or observers. More eyes will make it more difficult for cheating and other types of problems to go undetected.“ 16/
Posts 1-17 are excerpts from my interview with @TheDailyEdge. I provide a lot more information about specific vulnerabilities and anticipated election problems in the article (post 1). If you are interested, pls read it. Thank you! 18/
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