History of Kashmir (Part-3)

Kings of Kashmir during the time of Mahabharata-

King Gonanda 1-

He was King of Kashmir and was a friend of Jarasandha, he went with his army to help Jarasandha attack Mathura.
There was a great battle between Jarasandha's army and Army of Krishna and Balarama(will cover this battle in detail in future threads)
The battle lasted 27 days it was one of the deadlies battle of that time.

(Note- Harivamsha mentions him as Gonarda)
Army of Kashmir fought bravely with Yadavas, the battle was deadly, soldiers filled with anger were fighting with all their strength. In this Battle, king of Kashmir Gonanda was hit many times he fell down in this battle and attained veergati.
King Damodar-

After death of Gonanda 1 his son Damodar became king of Kashmir, he was angry with Krishna because his father was killed in the battle with Yadavas, so when he heard that Krishna is going to a Swayamvara in Gandhar he went there with his Army.
Army consisting of Infantry, chariots, elephants and cavalry.
There was a battle between krishna's army and army of Kashmir, in this battle Damodar was killed by Krishna in this battle.
King Gonanda 2

When Damodar died his wife was crowned by Krishna and when she gave birth to Gonanda 2 he became the king, at time if Mahabharata he was still young so neither Kauravas or Pandavas Invited him to fight from their side.
This was the description of Kings of Kashmir during time of Mahabharata
Source - (Mahabharata, Harivamsha Purana, Nilamata Purana)

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