Real panoti - Thread

1. Became permanent in team after 2013 champions trophy and since then India is yet to win any icc tournament. India also lost no1 odi rankings
2. Became t20i opener in 2013 and since then India lost t20i wc
3. Became vice captain just before champions trophy 2017 and India lost champions trophy (we didn't have vice captain in champions trophy 2013)
4. India has not won any tournament in which he scored a century
5. Captained India for first time against newzealand and India suffered biggest ODI defeat in terms of balls
6. Captained team in t20is against newzealand and ended t20i winning streak. Conceded 200 runs in a series twice. Also became first Indian captain to lose t20i decider
7. Captained team against Bangladesh at home at for first time India lost to Bangladesh in t20is
8. Became test opener and India was dethroned from no1 test rankings
9. He was highest scorer in odis in 2015 and 2019, result India were knocked out in semifinals of WC
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