Talk Dirty to Me

[nsfw, seroroki]

It was a normal Thursday night in Sero and Todoroki’s shared apartment - they were sitting on their rickety old couch with boxes full of take out soba (one hot and one cold) and a shoujo anime playing on their TV.
Sero loved Thursdays, getting to watch cheesy romance shows and spend time with Todoroki like this, reminiscent of the old days at UA before they were both freshly- debuted, sleep deprived pro-heroes.
At the moment though, Sero was maybe a little /too/ preoccupied with subtly looking at his pretty roommate over the top of the take-out container he had held up to his chin, because when Todoroki spoke, he had no idea what he was talking about.
“Television is so misleading. People don’t even /do/ that. I hope kids don’t watch this program.”

“Hmm?” Sero hummed, taking a swig of soda to buy himself time as he tried to save face and remember what had just been said on TV.
“Are you even paying attention? ‘Dirty talk’, Sero.”

Sero choked on his drink.

“Wh-what?!” he sputtered in alarm.

Todoroki rolled his eyes. “The male lead just told the female lead that if they were ever alone in her room together, he’d love to ‘talk dirty to her’.”
Sero cleared his throat as he finished coughing, wondering what the fuck anime they were /watching/, and which one of them had chosen it.

“Jesus,” he wheezed. “Yeah, sorry, missed that.”

But then, the first thing Todoroki said finally fully registered.
“Wait,” Sero said slowly. “Did you just say people don’t do that? As in, don’t talk dirty?”

“Yes,” Todoroki replied, arching a brow at him. “That stuff is only in porn, and bad anime, apparently.”

Sero snorted, eyes widening.
This was more insight into Todoroki’s sex life than he really thought he’d been getting tonight.

“What are you /talking/ about, dude?” he laughed. “/Everyone/ does that!”

He watched Todoroki’s cheeks tint pink.
“That’s not true. No one’s ever done that to me, and I don’t do that.”

His tone was a little defensive. Sero’s smile softened a bit. “Okay, maybe not /everyone/, but that’s pretty normal, man.”

Todoroki seemed to think for a moment before responding. “...really?”
“Yeah, I mean, of course. What else do you talk about while you’re - you know. The weather?”

“Um. It’s always been pretty quiet for me.”

Sero blinked, his own cheeks flushing suddenly.
He had suspected that Todoroki wasn’t a complete virgin - they were 23 years old - but he’d never really asked about it. But now he had the edges of something to picture, and he felt the mood shifting a little around them. He didn’t know what to say.
“Oh,” he went with eventually. “I mean, that’s fine, too.”

He turned back to the TV, even as he continued to watch Todoroki from his peripheral vision. Todoroki didn’t reply. A quick glance to the side showed Sero that he had pulled his lower lip between his teeth.
His eyes were on his soba. Sero just waited. He knew Todoroki’s contemplation face when he saw it.

“Um,” Todoroki said after about five minutes. “Sero?”

“Yeah?” Sero said casually, not looking away from the TV, despite his heartbeat suddenly picking up in his chest.
“How- how does it work?”

Sero swallowed. “How does what work?”

“You know what I mean,” Todoroki said quietly. He did. “How does - /dirty talk/ - work?”
“Uh.” Sero felt his throat going dry. “It’s kind of hard to, like, /explain/.”


Sero sucked in a slow breath, keeping his eyes glued to the screen.

“Well, could you show me, then?”
“Show you,” Sero repeated.

It wasn’t really a question, but he saw Todoroki nod from the corner of his eye.

/Holy shit./

Leaning forward, Sero put his take out container down on the coffee table and pasted his usual grin in place, hoping to mask his nerves.
“Sure, I can do that,” he laughed, finally looking at him as he brought a hand up to scratch the back of his neck.

Todoroki’s eyes widened a fraction as Sero swept his gaze over him, looking for inspiration.
“Ah, okay.” Sero felt his face heating rapidly, but he pushed through the embarrassment. “Uh, close your eyes, yeah?”


Sero chuckled. “This is way too embarrassing to say to your face, dude - usually you say this stuff /in the moment/, with someone you’re about to fuck.”
Todoroki nodded slowly. His expression remained neutral, but his cheeks were getting a little splotchy, giving him away. After a second, his eyes fluttered closed.

Sero took a deep breath.
It was /kind of/ overwhelming trying to decide what type and level of dirty talk would be appropriate for this bizarre situation. Probably something as vanilla as possible that would still get the point across, right?
“Okay, uh, so I guess pretend that I’m some guy you’ve just brought home,” he started slowly. Todoroki nodded.

Sero soon found, however, that to get any further words to actually come out of his mouth, he had to close his own eyes too.
He let them fall shut, trying to focus on anything other than his flip flopping stomach.

“So maybe we’re kissing on the couch,” he continued, and he couldn’t help the way the image sprang to his own mind as well.
“And when we pulled back to breathe for a second, I-I’d take the opportunity to run my hands along your sides and say something like ‘God, you’re so gorgeous - I wanna kiss you everywhere’.”

Sero’s eyes opened on the last word and flashed to Todoroki for his reaction.
He chewed on his lip, trying to ignore his own flaming face.

Todoroki’s brows were slowly pinching together, like he was confused and unimpressed. Sero chuckled, despite himself.

“Yes?” he asked as a grin stretched over his face. “What, not up to your standards?”
“It just feels sort of... weird,” he mumbled.

Sero laughed again. “Probably because this kind of thing wouldn’t usually happen while you’re sitting across the couch from your roommate. You’d be like, in your partner’s arms, or whatever.”
“And this is really something you enjoy?”

“Yeah,” Sero shrugged. “It’s really nice when it’s actually happening.”

Todoroki’s eyes were still closed. His lower lip jutted out at Sero’s comment.

“I want to understand,” he said. “Can’t you show me more... realistically?”
Sero felt like someone had punched the wind out of him.


Todoroki’s eyes finally opened. He looked a little annoyed.

“Yes. A real demonstration.”

Sero swallowed around his dry throat.

“Uh, I would need to get... um - closer...”
Todoroki placed his take out container on the coffee table next to Sero’s, then turned so that he was sitting facing him, cross-legged on the couch.

“That’s fine.”

Sero’s eyes widened. He was definitely going to have a heart attack.

“Uh, okay. Close your eyes again.”

He did.
Sero shifted slowly onto his knees, then shuffled toward him. He placed a gentle hand on his cheek, to let him know he was there.

“This okay?”

Todoroki nodded, a bit jerky.

“Cool,” Sero breathed.
Then, he brushed a lock of Todoroki’s hair behind his ear, securing it there before bringing his fingers down to guide his chin upward.

Leaning in, he whispered, “God, you’re so gorgeous.”
Todoroki’s breath hitched. Sero paused, letting his fingers trail lightly down the skin of Todoroki’s neck, stopping when he felt the fabric of his shirt collar. He could barely hear himself over his own beating heart.
“I can’t wait to get you out of these clothes and kiss every inch of you, sweetheart.”

Todoroki gasped softly, eyes shooting open, and Sero stumbled as he tried to back off as quickly as possible. He hadn’t really meant to use the pet name, it had just naturally slipped out.
And the clothes comment - where had that come from? That was a bit much.

He was opening his mouth to apologize when Todoroki said, “/Oh/.”

Sero blinked.

“Oh?” he laughed airily, trying to keep the mood light.

“I-I think I get it.”
“Oh. Good,” Sero said awkwardly, not quite meeting his gaze as his cheeks reddened further.

“That was...” Todoroki started, then trailed off, causing Sero another spike of anxiety.

“Uh - sorry if I got carried away,” he mumbled.

“Not at all. I - um - that was nice.”
Sero finally looked at him again.



“Well, good, then.”

“Do you mind if... if I try it on you?”

Sero’s brows rose so fast they nearly shot off his forehead. “On- on me?!”
“Yes,” Todoroki nodded. “I want to see if I’m doing it right.”

Sero gulped. “Sure, why not?” he said in a weak voice. “Where do you want me?”
"Hmmm." Todoroki glanced around. "Um, just sit down again, I think."

Sero followed his direction, sinking back onto the couch and planting his feet on the ground once more. Then, he looked expectantly at Todoroki. Expectant of what, however, he was still unsure.
"Can- can you close your eyes, too?" Todoroki asked after a few more moments of silent thinking.

Sero arched a brow, but did as he was told. Almost immediately, he could feel his skin flushing from the heightened anticipation that came with not being able to see.

"No problem, dude," Sero murmured.

The couch cushions dipped next to him, and his breath caught in his throat. He felt light-headed, heart pounding in his ears as he waited to see what Todoroki would do.
He was so caught up in trying to guess what was about to happen from subtle shifts in the weight on the couch that he nearly screamed when Todoroki suddenly swung a leg over him, straddling his hips and sitting down on his thighs.

"Is this not okay?" Todoroki asked. He sounded a little shy, and suddenly Sero wanted nothing more than to open his eyes and see that expression for himself, but he didn't want to betray the strange, precarious trust Todoroki had placed in him.

"It's fine," he breathed instead.
"You just surprised me, that's all."

"Ah," Todoroki said. "I'm sorry."

"That's okay," Sero said. He kept his hands where they'd been on the couch, not daring to press his luck by settling them on Todoroki's waist like he wanted.
He didn't know /what/ the rules of this strange dance were.

"I'm ready when you are," he announced.

"Right," Todoroki said. He went quiet for a moment, and Sero could practically hear him thinking. "So - I just - just tell you what I want to do?"
Sero deliberately ignored his body's response to that phrasing.

/It's just a demonstration. Calm down. He didn't mean it that way./

"Yeah. What you want to do, or what you will do. Sometimes people give compliments, or even say teasing things if their partner is into that."
"Teasing things?"

Sero felt himself blushing deeper. Why was /he/ the one tasked with explaining degradation kink to Todoroki Shouto?

"Uh - pretend insults, I guess? F-for example, uh..."


Sero cleared his throat.
Then, he simultaneously cursed and thanked the gods above for the fact that he couldn't see Todoroki's face as he whispered, "Look at you, crawling all over me before our show even ends. Couldn't even wait for me? So desperate."

For a few moments, Todoroki was silent above him.
/Please don't get a boner,/ Sero willed his cock as his heart pounded. /Not now not now not now not--/

"People like that sort of thing?" Todoroki finally asked.

"Definitely," Sero replied with a chuckle, and he commended himself for sounding much more put together than he felt.
Todoroki went quiet again. Then, after a few long seconds, he whispered, "Do you?"

Sero's breathing stopped momentarily. When he replied, his voice was so soft he worried for a moment that Todoroki wouldn't hear him.

"Y-yeah... sometimes."
“Oh,” Todoroki breathed. His voice was quiet all of a sudden, and Sero had learned over time to associate that with nerves. “I - um- I’m not sure if I’m ready to try that one yet.”

“That’s okay,” Sero assured. “You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, of course.”

“We can stop this whole thing and go back to eating soba if you want to.”

“No - I - uh, I want to try it. If that’s okay.”

“Of course.”
Despite his earlier rule about not moving his hands a single inch, Sero unstuck one of them from the couch and groped around blindly until he found Todoroki’s wrist. He took it in hand and ran a thumb lightly over his pulse point in what was hopefully a comforting manner.
“Why don’t you just start with a compliment, then? Those are usually easiest.”

Sero’s heart was still threatening to escape from his throat, but Todoroki’s anxiety made it easier to put his own on the backburner.

“A compliment,” Todoroki repeated. “Okay. Uh.”
“Maybe something about the way I look?” Sero prompted, ignoring the way his cheeks flushed with insecurity.

/He would never put you down like that, even if he’s not into you/, Sero reminded himself.

Sure enough, barely a beat later, Todoroki said, “Amazing.”
Sero’s breathing stuttered. “Wh-what?”

“You look amazing,” Todoroki repeated, the confidence back in his voice. “Under me, like this, I mean. I like it.”


/Calm down calm down calm down, he doesn’t really mean it./

“Is that correct?”

“Uh, y-yeah, that was good.”
"Oh. Good," Todoroki said, sounding genuinely pleased. "Should I keep going?"

A shaky breath left Sero at the question.

/God no/, he wanted to say. /You're gonna kill me and our friendship is gonna be forever tainted by the memory of my raging hard on./
"If you want to," he said instead, and the words came out sounding much weaker than he would've liked.

"Okay," Todoroki replied, then went quiet, thinking for a moment. "Um. You're really strong, Hanta..."

Sero grinned, even as his heart thumped at the use of his given name.
Todoroki was honestly adorable, so unintentionally sweet through his inexperience. But Sero was almost 100% sure that didn't count as anything near dirty talk, and since this was a lesson, he should probably tell him.

"-- It makes it even more exciting to have you under me, waiting there like a good boy."
Sero's jaw dropped as his eyes shot open. He choked hard on the noise he made, and it came out strangled and squeaky.
Above him Todoroki looked collected as ever, though his cheeks were a little colored. "You said you'd close your eyes," he pointed out casually, as if reminding a petulant child of the playground rules.

Sero's brows shot up his forehead. "/You/ said you didn't know how to this!"
Todoroki blinked at him. "I don't. I just heard something like that in... in a movie," he mumbled the last few words, and Sero assumed he meant while watching porn, but he honestly didn't care enough to call him on it right now. "Was that okay?"
Sero laughed weakly, shaking his head. "Y-yeah, it was - uh - really good, dude."

Todoroki nodded.

"You're squeezing me really hard," he went on. "Does that mean you liked it?"

Sero's eyes widened, and he looked down to where he still had a hold on Todoroki's wrist.
A hold that had indeed grown embarrassingly tight. He quickly let go of him all together, and placed his hand back on the couch.

"Sorry," he said, wincing at himself as he pulled his lower lip between his teeth for a moment. "Uh - yeah, that- that means I liked it."
He gathered the courage to glance up at Todoroki's face when he didn't respond, and if he didn't know any better, he would swear he was witnessing was a /smirk/ pulling over his lips. His eyes widened.

"Anyways -" Sero said, a little louder than necessary given their proximity.
"What did you think? This is about /you/, so, do /you/ like it?"

Todoroki hummed, then nodded slowly, but his expression didn't change, and the sight made Sero feel fidgety. "I think so."

"Good," Sero said on a rushed breath. "Then maybe in the future you can try it with s--"
"I like your reaction to being called a 'good boy', at least."

Sero choked on his words.

"Wh-what?!" he sputtered.

There was absolutely no way in hell he heard that right. That sentence did /not/ just come out of Todoroki Shouto's mouth.
"Does everyone react like this?" he asked. Then, slowly, "...or do you like it more than most people?"

Sero felt his cheeks flaming again. "I - no - god, shut up - you just caught me by surprise, dude," he groaned, running a hand down his hot face.
Todoroki arched a disbelieving brow at him.

"You got an erection from being surprised?"

Sero blinked once, then eyes went wide, darting down to his crotch. Down to the very obvious tent in the sweatpants he had been sooo sure were a great idea an hour ago.

He was gonna /die/.
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“Oh my god,” Sero yelped, hands shooting to his groin to try and cover himself as much as possible.
It was pretty much in vain though, because Todoroki was sitting so close he couldn’t really hide much without risking brushing over /his/ crotch too, and that would undoubtedly make the situation /much/ worse. “I’m so sorry, fuck.”
His entire face was absolutely on fire, and his eyes closed of their own accord, as he was way too embarrassed to actually look at Todoroki again. He had no idea what his reaction would be, but he definitely didn’t have the strength to face it head on.
To his surprise, after a moment of silence that /felt/ like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, Todoroki just chuckled.
“That’s okay,” he said easily, as if Sero had just apologized for bumping into him on the street, instead of pitching a tent in his sweats during what was /supposed/ to be hypothetical practice. “It’s flattering. It makes me want to keep talking.”
Sero’s stomach flipped. He had no idea what to say to that. He swallowed around the thick lump in his throat, and tentatively opened his eyes again.


Todoroki nodded.
His expression as neutral as ever, but even in the dim lighting from the TV, Sero could see something dancing behind his eyes.



Sero wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure he’d ever seen him look like this before.
Todoroki’s hands moved slowly to his wrists, then, his eyes never leaving Sero’s face, watching like a hawk for a reaction.

The realization hit Sero like a ton of bricks.

“You like this,” he breathed, eyes wide.
Todoroki arched a brow. “I already said that,” he reminded him, sounding unimpressed.

/No/, Sero didn’t say. /You /like/ like this./

Todoroki’s hands tugged at his wrist, attempting to pry them away from hiding his erection.
“Dude…” Sero whispered weakly. He hoped his expression was communicating what he couldn’t bring himself to say.

/Do you understand what you’re doing?/

Todoroki blinked perfectly clear eyes at him.
“Tell me to stop, Hanta,” he instructed.

/Oh god./

A long moment passed between them. Then, Sero’s mouth shut, and he let the tension go from his hands.

The corner of Todoroki’s mouth quirked.

“Good boy.”

A shiver traveled down Sero’s spine. “Holy fuck…”
Now that he wasn’t resisting, Todoroki easily maneuvered his wrists where he wanted them - which turned out to be up against the wall behind the couch, with one of Todoroki’s hands pinning them in place.

/Holy fucking shit./

Sero gulped. This was actually happening.
Todoroki was so close now, looming over him so that Sero had to bend his neck a bit to keep looking him in the eye.
Close enough that Sero could see the individual white eyelashes on his ice side, and the gentle gradient in the color of his blue eye.
The sight made his heart race in his chest. He was really just so fucking impossibly pretty.

Impossibly pretty, /extremely/ on top of him, and definitely pressing closer, so that his lips were only centimetres away from Sero’s ear.
“Pliant...” Todoroki murmured, as if he was speaking more to himself than to Sero, and Sero felt his cock twitch hard behind the fabric of his sweats.
There was no way Todoroki didn’t feel it, as close as he was, and sure enough, his hold on Sero’s wrists tightened a moment later as the breath in his ear faltered.

“Wow," Todoroki breathed after a few seconds. "This... this is so much better than I've ever imagined."
Sero couldn’t stop the groan that was pulled from his throat at the sound of Todoroki’s low voice /right there/, and he just barely managed not to buck up against him, seeking friction.
He had no idea what they were doing, no idea what was allowed. He needed some ground rules. He needed —

He never figured it out, because Todoroki’s words finally registered.

/Better than I’ve ever imagined./
“Wait - what?” he blurted, eyes snapping back open. He wasn’t really sure when they’d fallen shut again. “You - you’ve fantasized about this? About… about dirty talk?”
“No. I’ve fantasized about you,” Todoroki said simply. “Can I touch you?” he went on without waiting for a response, as if that first thing wasn’t absolutely ripping the ground of Sero’s reality out from beneath him.
“What?!” Sero yelped.

Todoroki went still against him, then pulled back to look at him, expression slightly pinched with apparent impatience.

“What’s wrong?”

Sero blinks wide eyes at him. “You’ve - you’ve thought about - with /me/?”
“Yes,” Todoroki says, and Sero can hear a touch of defensiveness creeping back into his voice. “Was I not supposed to tell you that? Don’t you like me too? You - your - you’re /leaking/ through your sweatpants, Hanta.”
He mumbled the last words as Sero watched heat creep into his cheeks. He still had Sero’s arms pinned against the wall, but he looked about two seconds from sitting back and crossing his own arms over his chest like an embarrassed child.
Sero blinked at him for a second. Then, a smile stretched across his face as laughter bubbled up from his throat. Todoroki’s eyes widened, and the color on his face deepened.
God, he was so cute. Sero would wait until another time to explain to him that getting hard from a pretty boy sitting on your lap doesn’t necessarily equate to feelings. It definitely doesn’t apply to their situation, anyway.
“I like you so much,” Sero blurted, words followed by another laugh. “So fucking much.”
He watched the words register with Todoroki, watched the tension creep back out of his posture.

“Oh. Good.”

The corner of his mouth was lifted in a shy smile, and Sero’s grin widened.
“Very good,” he agreed, keeping his voice carefully soft and level as he flexed his thighs, trying to nudge Todoroki closer without the use of his hands.
Part of him sort of wanted to jump up and dance around, maybe spin Todoroki in some circles, because /holy fucking shit Todoroki Shouto /liked/ him, but, he also definitely wanted to continue their - uh - lesson - where they’d left off a few moments before.
“So, uh, these fantasies of yours,” he starts, feigning casual innocence in his tone. “You should tell me about them.”
Todoroki’s smile started to stretch wider, but he pulled his lower lip between his teeth to stop it. And even though that was a bit of a shame, the sight of his teeth stretching the skin there had Sero’s eyes locked to his mouth regardless.
“You never told me if I could touch you,” he said quietly.

“Yes,” Sero answered immediately. “Like, a million times yes. Whenever you want. Literally. Like even if I’m in the middle of something, or talking to someone, or sleeping. Literally any time.”
Todoroki’s eyes widened, and he brought his free hand up to his face to cover his mouth as a laugh slipped out. Sero’s stomach flipped at the sight.

“I think - perhaps we should explore one kink at a time, Hanta,” he said warmly.
“Right,” Sero agreed, nodding eagerly. “So, since tonight is for dirty talk, tell me about these fantasies of yours, babe.”

Todoroki arched a brow, looking amused. “Down, boy.”
Sero ignored his body’s reaction to that particular choice of words, though he had a feeling Todoroki may have felt it anyway.

“Come on, just one?” he said lowly, leaning forward as much as his position allowed, so he could whisper in Shouto’s ear. “Please?”
Sero then rolled his hips forward, since his hands were still trapped. Todoroki’s confession had him feeling giddy /and/ about a thousand times more confident than usual, which was maybe a dangerous combination.
Todoroki hissed at the sudden sensation, and fuck if that didn’t go straight to Sero’s head /and/ his dick.

“I’ll be so good for you,” Sero promised in a low voice, nosing at Todoroki’s jaw. “Just tell me about one /tiny/ fantasy.”
Sero felt the hand around his wrists tighten in reaction to his words.

“H-hero suit,” Todoroki gasped out, hips bucking down against Sero’s lap.
Sero groaned in surprise, and he couldn’t stop his own hips from twitching up to chase the feeling as more precome leaked from his cock.

“Wh-what?” he panted, trying to keep his eyes from crossing. “Hero suit?”
Todoroki nodded, pulling his lower lip between his teeth.

“Mhm,” he moaned, and then he fell forward, so that Sero was pressed right between his chest and the back of the couch. Todoroki still had his hands pinned, but Sero was pretty sure he’d forgotten about them.
Todoroki buried his face in Sero’s neck as he ground against him again, pulling another desperate noise from Sero’s throat.

“Yes,” he panted in Sero’s ear, and holy /god/ Sero was not gonna last long like this, “I hate that thing.”
Sero’s brows pulled together in confusion, eyes rolling back as Todoroki set a slow rhythm, grinding hard into his lap every few seconds and making it /really/ difficult to think.
“You- you hate your hero suit?” Sero managed to gasp between moans as his hands flexed uselessly against the wall above him. Todoroki was holding his wrists so tightly they were starting to go numb, but somehow it was only serving to work him up more.
“Not mine—” Todoroki replied with another roll of his hips that left Sero crying out into his shoulder “— /yours/.”

Sero blinked half-lidded eyes. He was doing his best to follow, but what remained of his rational thinking ability wasn’t getting him very far.
“Huh?” he finally blurted, very intelligently, voice lilting into a moan at the end. Luckily, Todoroki didn’t seem to mind.

“Your hero suit,” he repeated without faltering in his movements.
“Why is it so /tight/, Hanta? There’s no rational reason that it needs to be so tight /everywhere/.”

Sero sucked in a breath.


His lips lifted into something akin to a grin, though he suspected his panting was likely ruining the confident effect just a bit.
“/Oh/,” he said aloud this time, “does that bother you, sweetheart?”

Nails dug into the skin of his wrists, and Todoroki increased his speed.

“Yes,” he replied immediately, and his voice was scratchy with the hint of a growl. “You can basically see your whole cock through it.”
Sero gasped, his whole body jerking beneath Todoroki as his mind whited-out for a moment.

/Holy fucking shit./
He’d just been expecting something about his muscles. He had admittedly gained quite a bit of definition since high school, especially in his arms, even if he was still nowhere near the level of some of his former classmates.
Apparently that was /not/ what Todoroki meant, though. God, he was gonna kill Sero by the end of this.
“Sh-shouldn’t you be focusing on other things while we’re - /ah/ - wh-while we’re working?” he tried to tease, although his voice came out a lot weaker and more breathy than he might’ve liked.
“How?” Todoroki snapped into his ear, just before sucking hard at the sensitive skin of Sero’s neck, causing him to buck off the couch with a surprised moan. Todoroki broke away just as suddenly to continue speaking.
“How am I supposed to focus on anything else when all I want to do is rip that /stupid/ suit to shreds and ride you in the middle of the streets?”

He punctuated his words with a hard thrust against Sero’s lap, and Sero cried out, probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear.
Todoroki chuckled, low and throaty in his ear. “Oh? Do you like that, too, /Han—/“

“Okay, that’s enough,” Sero spat through gritted teeth. If this kept up, he was definitely going to embarrass himself.
Yanking his wrists away from an unsuspecting Todoroki’s hold, he wasted no time in flipping them, so that Todoroki was lying on his back on the couch.

Sero loomed over him, hands boxing his head on either side, arms shaking as the blood rushed back into them.
For a moment, they just stayed like that, staring at each other. Todoroki’s eyes were wide with surprise, and Sero’s chest was heaving as he took hard breaths.

“I thought - you didn’t know - how to /do/ this,” he panted.
“I — I’m just telling the truth,” Todoroki said, and Sero’s cock throbbed at how soft his voice had gone with the change in position.

“Fuck,” Sero breathed. He sucked his lower lip between his teeth as he tried to process everything. “Why— why didn’t you ever /say/ anything?”
How long could they have been doing /this/?

Todoroki’s forehead creased slightly.

“Why didn’t /you/?” he asked in lieu of an answer.
Sero’s mouth fell open. What an absolutely laughable question. But, as he blinked down at Todoroki, who looked utterly serious, he decided that maybe now wasn’t the best time to point out that he was Todoroki fucking /Shouto/.
“Can - can I kiss you?” Sero blurted, ignoring his question. “I really wanna kiss you.”

Todoroki didn’t answer him.

Instead, he just fisted a hand in the fabric of Sero’s shirt and yanked him down into a hard kiss.
It wasn’t exactly graceful - Sero’s half-asleep arms didn’t stand much of a chance, and he fell on top of Todoroki with his full weight as they gave out.
With a surprised, muffled grunt into Todoroki’s mouth, he tried to push himself back up, but Todoroki was quick to wrap his legs tight around his waist. His arms then snaked around Sero’s shoulders, holding him in place.
After pulling back just far enough to whisper a breathy but emphatic, “/don’t/,” against Sero’s lips, Todoroki closed the gap between them again, not bothering with any of the shyness that typically accompanied a first kiss.
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