If Rove is watching the #PA01 race, then we need MANY eyes on it. To understand what I mean, watch Atticus v the Architect (free on Prime), which explains how 6k votes disappeared from @DonSiegelman’s total in his race v. Bob Riley, whose campaign consultant was Rove’s pal. 1/ https://twitter.com/renaitre8/status/1282018595984347136
2/ Rove’s client, the Alabama AG, seized the paper ballots b4 they could be recounted & illegally certified the result. When Siegelman (a very popular Alabama politician & former governor, SIS, & AG) announces his intent to run again, Rove got him locked up on aBS bribery charge.
4/ Link to Siegelman’s incredible new book: Stealing Our Democracy: How the Political Assassination of a Governor Threatens Our Nation https://www.amazon.com/dp/1588384292/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_A3GcFbDGK1MGG
5/ Link to my recent interview of @DonSiegelman:
8/ A Republican lawyer said she was on a call where "Karl Rove's business partner said 'You guys need to stop worrying about Siegelman, my girls are going to take care of him,' meaning...the US attorney of Birmingham & his wife, the US atty of the Middle District."- @DonSiegelman
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