Wayfair scandal continues...
#InvestigateWayfair https://twitter.com/QTheWakeUp/status/1281695948419325954
. @QTheWakeUp look who funds Wayfair 👇
https://twitter.com/qtah17/status/1281728884510044161?s=21 https://twitter.com/qtah17/status/1281728884510044161
And this hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper.
#InvestigateWayfair https://twitter.com/justinwatson_/status/1281671694826995713?s=20
👇👆Adding @Inevitable_ET’s screenshots about Hanx since the tweet was deleted in the above thread.
👆👇Still finding stuff on Etsy, I looked up Pizza. I found Dismorphia for $50k. It mentions “Chrome”
👆👇Also Esty and same Pizza seller. A Finger Wig? Shipping is $20k. And Woman In Distress for $50k.
👇👆Someone sent me this one. I could not locate it though. I think we all know that symbol.
Another Anon find. This one on Madeline McCann!
https://twitter.com/boombyahkkyoto/status/1282285766807298048?s=21 https://twitter.com/boombyahkkyoto/status/1282285766807298048
☝️👇These links keep disappearing. I hope you guys are reading this thread. More happenings. Wayfair employee quitting and spilling the beans on the "platinum customers"!

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