Inconvenient truths here from Professor Kevin Anderson:

“Equity is locked into the #ParisAgreement. And it means that the wealthy parts of the world have about 6-9 years at current emissions left until we blow our budget for 2°C. That requires zero carbon by 2035.”

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“There is no non-radical alternative. Either we have to deal with 3-5 degree of warming this century, which means chaotic radical change. Or we reduce emissions so rapidly, that this also means radical change, but only for 10-30% of the population.”

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“If we’re going to places further away, then we should think about how we are going to get there slowly. It’s gonna be challenging but we will structure our lives so we travel less often but we maybe go for longer. Profound change for a small elite.” — @KevinClimate

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“There is no way the aviation industry can grow sustainably, even if we had zero carbon planes. Is it appropriate to use scarce resources like renewable energy and biofuels to allow the wealthy to carry on with their lifestyles, when we could heat houses instead?”

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“At the end of the day we are in a #rationing issue. We are not going to solve the #ClimateCrisis until we recognise, we have to stay within a certain amount of CO₂. We have a carbon budget and it’s like a salary for life. Everything else is fluff and nonsense.“

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These were excerpts from an interview with Professor Kevin Anderson recorded in march 2020. Full interview here:

If you’d like to here more from @KevinClimate, you may listen to this very entertaining and interesting lecture:

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