I think a lot of ppl don’t realise that blood quantum is a very colonial way to look at indigenousness. Identification with the heritage/culture born out of a certain land is much more important imo.
Just thinking out loud here but this is kinda why I don’t consider the majority of Jews indigenous to Palestine even if, yes, jews DO have Levantine ancestry. Contemporary jewish identity is diasporic and there isn’t one jewish culture anymore bc of this.
Moroccan-jewish culture is Moroccan. Polish-jewish culture is polish. Iranian-jewish culture is Iranian etc... etc...
Jews can have Levantine ancestry, love Palestine and even identify with the land but not be indigenous.
I’ve said this before but imo it’s very problematic to act as if Jews aren’t indigenous to their diasporic countries, and those countries were temporary residences and not very real places where different jewish cultures developed
Anw I’m reading some articles about decolonization and thinking about pali and yeah... I’m just thinking out loud rn. Hopefully my stream of cosciousness made sense.
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