1/There's definitely a major epistemic breach opening up on the left and honestly Covington was what really revealed it to me in its full gravity for the first time. I vividly remember being like, "Okay, at XX:XX in the video you can literally SEE the protestor approach the kids,
2/you can watch him enter their circle, and then you can watch him beat the drum in front of Whatshisface for a few seconds, and Whatshisface just stands there smiling. Then like two minutes later, whoever I'm talking to: "Yes but HE HARASSED that MAN." It was disturbing feeling
3/ like I was not watching the same video as people who were in the same Warren/Sanders political camp as me, no matter how many times you carefully walked them through exactly what it showed. The video didn't matter. When the video doesn't matter, shit's going south!
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