For my 36th birthday, 1 comment = 1 information hazard, up to a max of 36.

1. @Mario_Gibney

Your parents had sex with each other. Just think about that!

(Starting off mild here)
2. @diviacaroline

SILEX (Separation of isotopes by laser excitation) could create an easy path towards a nuclear weapon due to the ability to reach a high level of uranium enrichment, that is difficult to detect, leading to nuclear proliferation.
3. @0x49fa98

Public health officials deliberately create a false & exaggerated risk of STDs in people's minds. Look at the actual numbers. You can have more and riskier sex than you think you can. But if everyone does that, it stops working.
4. @GabrielFox_1

Human Bio Diversity exists
6. @imhinesmi

Assuming something like the Many Worlds Interpretation of QM, anything that can happen does, and every branch of you probably has an equal amount of experiential qualia; so nothing you strive for actually matters because every possible outcome will happen anyway.
7. @jprwg

Churchill was a racist, many Founding Fathers of the USA owned slaves, etc. Our civic religions surrounding these figures are based on a bunch of lies. This is a potential infohazard because lacking such unifying myths, our nations could lose their cohesion.
9. @JimDMiller

Virtue signalling is real, and that implies that a lack of virtue signalling from a person means they are probably less kind, less loyal, less friendly etc than average.

Even if the virtue signalling is socially harmful and false, you should still update on it.
10. @MugaSofer

John Snow stabs Daenerys Targaryen to death in the last episode of Game of Thrones, all the important characters die or go elsewhere and a bunch of nobodies who you don't care about end up with all the titles and stuff. It's super cringe.
11. @Mlxebz

Any system to get people to cooperate and play positive sum games is just another opportunity to play negative sum games by manipulating the system itself.
12. @imhinesmi

Many of your ancestors were rapists, murderers, women who cuckolded their husbands, men who cheated etc. Think clearly about the process that created you and the incentives hidden within you.
13. @enzboa

Don't respond to (12) by wishing that they weren't though. If humans throughout history had only been nice, kind & honest it's unlikely we would have developed intelligence, and without war we would not have developed civilization.

Evil is actually necessary.
14. @ShareDVI

The DNA sequence for the smallpox virus is available online, you can get it with a quick Google search. And the internet makes it very hard to delete.
15. @Plinz

There are smart people who believe in negative utilitarianism and therefore have a principled reason to wipe humanity out. Often they are in EA orgs w/some power. Certain types of personality appear particularly susceptible.

The idea of NU is an information hazard.
16. @BringerFluff

The #EffectiveAltruism movement has secret political banlists. How do I know? Because I'm on one.
17. @EvanWard97

There's a backdoor in WhatsApp's "end to end" encryption. Your theoretically private communication is not guaranteed to be private, but people have a mistaken impression that it is.

This false impression of privacy is an infohazard.
18. @alt_kia

If you believe in Democracy, Liberalism, etc, then the entire writings of Mencius Moldbug are a massive infohazard. Stay well away from them.

Stating this fact constitutes an attention hazard though.
19. @ASinner199

The numbers 10,008 and 42,687 constitute a very serious data hazard for the next few months.

Obviously, I cannot tell you why.
20. @DanCalle

This YouTube video is an infohazard for Americans; do not watch it unless you are OK with having some of your national narratives disrupted (via Moldbug)
22. @embermaker

All (normal) humans are, moment-to-moment essentially the same program, Kenneth Hayworth calls this the "POVself". 50/50 between an infohazard and an infobenefit depending on your perspective.

See more at:
23. @visakanv

Ever wondered what team sports like soccer, football, hockey and rugby are all about?

They're rehearsals for tribal war. Pitch, invasion, victory etc. We don't do war like that any more, but we still have the instinct. (Especially in men!)
24. @BronzeSpiggy

Historical oppression of women was not based on random superstition, but on the very real problem of paternity fraud; an option that women have but men don't have. Religious weirdness surrounding sexuality & shame is likely similar in origin.
25. @RichardDawkins

New atheism and humanism are fumbling failures to make humanity self-correct using reason; religion and conservatism are a bunch of time-tested Chesterton Fences that were demolished without understanding. We are now in the grip of a new & virulent religion.
26. @macterra

We should be suspicious of anything we believe that is a common stance on a topic in our particular time and place, but not common everywhere and every-when. Unless we have an unusually good justification!
27. @Xhili5

There is strong circumstantial evidence that homosexuality is caused by a parasite of some kind, but if it were ever proved scientifically, the social fallout would be enormous. 
29. @mherreshoff

Knowledge that knowledge of gender transition options is an information hazard is itself an information hazard (the world's first meta-information-hazard?) because it could lead to persecution of trans people.
30. @KenBearIsland

This is an information hazard for Trump supporters: Biff Tannen (the bully/bad guy from back to the future) was partially based on the young Donald Trump.
31. @BrouwerLEJ

Santa Claus/Father Christmas isn't real. It was just your parents bringing the presents. Sorry to disappoint.
32. @onosecond3

Women also fart. Even hot women. Sorry to disappoint.
33. @zoroasterisk

You could probably slack off in life just a little bit more and still be fine. 😈
34. @JosePotatoKing

Current political trends projected into the future imply that our descendants will become transspecies and consider all humans to be evil. Your gravestone will be demolished and your data deleted, but there will be some great interspecies orgies in 2200.
35. @QVagabond

Data science and AI fundamentally pushes the world towards centralisation and therefore oppression, because of efficiencies of centralised compute and large, secret, centralised datasets.
36. @Nocturnal_biped

Suppose the world we're living in is a historical simulation run by a malevolent AI (The Basilisk), whose goal is to threaten people with eternal torture if they don't devote their lives into bringing it into existence. Knowing about this is bad...
And that's a wrap! Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
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