How to be a kickass digital soldier.

1. Understand the "soldier" part.

You may not be storming the beach at Normandy, but your mind and fingers can still help save the world.

Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution + the war of good people worldwide vs. certain evil elites.
2. Understand the "digital" part.

Your most effective work in this particular war will probably be accomplished not on the streets, but at the keyboard.

Yes, sow redpill seeds in the real world.

But, take full advantage of the unprecedented connective power of social media.
3. Remember your infinite value and worth.

God / the universe made you, prepared you, to be here and now, with an awareness of what's really going on that relatively few beings in the history of everything, so far as we know, have ever had.

Accept your own awesomeness.
4. #taketheoath or make a commitment.

Get serious about this fight. Be willing to change your habits. Make it official by filming yourself making a solemn promise, or keep it inside - just make it.

Commit to fighting for good until your last breath.
5. Know what is meant by war here.

As digital soldiers, our task is, strangely enough, a peaceful one in its day to day bread and butter.

We study, we think, we create, we share.

We don't wish or plan violence on anyone - quite the opposite! We struggle to achieve peace.
6. Take breaks as needed.

You, by yourself, CANNOT win this war.

None of us can do it alone.

When you need to sleep, sleep.

When you need to eat, eat.

When you need to just zone out and look at a video of a piglet dancing on a monkey's back, do that.

We are #inittogether.
7. Pick up your fellow soldiers.

Look for those who aren't saying much - they might be feeling down.

Look for those giving out lots of compliments - they might be starving for one.

Look for those expressing frustration - they might need a listening ear.

8. Pick your spots.

This is where our army differs from pretty much any other army ever.

In this information war, YOU get to decide - and you NEED to decide - what your role will be.

Healer? Teacher? Inspirer? Memelord? Shitposter extraordinaire? Find where you work best.
9. Ask for help.

This ain't boot camp, and it ain't a war movie.

This is freaking REAL LIFE.

And in real life, people need help.

Remember that time you were totally naked + exposed, covered in blood + fluid, and either pissed or exhausted? When you were born?

Ask for help.
10. Study the enemy.

The globalist elites who run most of the world are a fascinating bunch.

Many of them seem dumb as rocks, yet they've managed to commit all kinds of evil acts virtually unpunished.

Dig. Learn their past. Read their books and op-eds. Watch and listen.
11. Trust the plan.

This one will get me hammered, I'm sure.

Trust that there are more good people than evil people - far more.

Trust that patriots on the inside are fighting hard every day and risking their lives for you + me.

Trust that we have backup plans for "the plan."
12. Stretch yourself.

Now is a perfect time to delete your "comfort zone."

Get out of that m-f'er. Go say hi to that person you're thinking about.

Write that thing. Make that thing. Publish it.

Be willing to get lambasted and attacked.

Push yourself.
13. Allow yourself to feel.

Cry. Get pissed off. Rage. We all do it.

Once you realize what has been done to you, me and innocent people everywhere - especially to little children - your sleep will never be the same.

But, feelings buried alive never die. Feel -> heal.
14. Learn about QAnon.

Why won't the media ask President Trump a single question about Q when millions of his supporters know and possibly support Q?

Why does the media tell you Q is crazy/violent while never showing you a single link to an actual Q post to support that?
15. Learn how to meme.

Even if you don't do much of it yourself, take some time to learn the basics of how to spread information and ideas via social media.

It's the digital soldier equivalent of learning 100 ways to build a fire, to survive in the wild, to signal for help.
16. Remember the trump card: LOVE.

Love outlasts and conquers all things.

Put as much love for humanity in all your digital soldiering as you possibly can.

I promise you will be AMAZED at some of the experiences you'll have in this war when you make it about love.
17. Don't get prideful about truth.

Truth doesn't depend on who believes it.

Truth doesn't change when feelings do.

You might have something near and dear you think is truth - and then a new source may obliterate your worldview.

Somehow, truth will out. Roll with the waves.
18. Never stop fighting.

Take breaks as needed, yes - but NEVER give up.

YOU were put here and now to do certain crucial things.

19. Organize stuff.

Connect dots and publish your findings.

Put people in touch with each other.

Start a group project.

Do a series of things.

Take the messy and sort it.
20. Pray.

Talk to your creator like a child does to a parent who loves the spit out of her or him.

Ask God to help you. Call out for the blessings and wisdom you need to be able to become your fullest self + live your fullest possible life.

Evil loses hard when soldiers pray.
21. Need help? I am here.

Not kidding. I built a social network for you: 

I built an information website for you: 

I have cried on the phone with some of you, as a listener + a venter.

We kinda need each other right now.
22. Dream BIGGER.

Part of busting out of the Matrix is learning that you are unlimited.

“Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation” - Donald Trump, digital soldier extraordinaire

If you want to change the world, change the world.

Decide. Do it. Make it happen.
23. Turn the enemy’s weapons against them.

This is a tricky one.

They brainwashed us with movies. Do we stop watching them or use scenes as dank memes?

Some of our childhood idols are filthy creeps. Does that make their noblest art worthless?

Unto the pure in heart ...
24. Dig deep.

Pick a topic, then pick a subtopic.

Become one of the world’s experts on that subtopic.

The topography of Epstein Island.

The body language of Devin Nunes.

The funding pathways of your town’s biggest company.

Our digital army can grow super smart.
25. Screw jealousy.

#wwg1wga implies, if your neighbor gets 10,000 retweets and you get zero, that means you TOGETHER got 10,000 retweets.

If you can’t draw but your artist friend gets to visit Trump at the White House, does that hurt you?

All efforts for good help each other.
26. Swipe & share.

From @iCarolinaGirl:

“save memes from other tatters & from others social media accounts (fb, IG, etc). All memes are, are pics so all you gotta do is when you click on the memes you should have an option to save that bad boy 😜! & there's always screenshots!”
27. Block trolls.

Don't waste energy wrestling with pigs.

They love it, and you just get messy.

If a leftist wants to engage in respectful debate, wonderful!

But if they're just baiting you:


Otherwise, it's much easier for them to stalk and report you.
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