Tiktok is used as spyware by the Chinese government. The app grabs not only your info but that of friends, family, and acquaintances. It uses that info to find/spy on people critical of the CCP, if they happen to be Chinese or have family in China they go after them. #TiktokBan
If you use Tiktok it makes it easier for the CCP to find/target dissenters, minorities, political opponents, or their families abroad, as it has been the case with many.

In many cases, this is what the CCP does with people. https://twitter.com/OpDeathEaters/status/1278547186712637440
The Chinese government is using various espionage operations & spyware like Tiktok to target people and facilitate genocide

The continued use of Tiktok is direct support for the CCP. You are free to keep using it but the price is genocide. #TiktokBan https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral/status/1278553452092637184
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