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“Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries.
(1) By symbols men have ever sought to communicate to each other those thoughts which transcend the limitations of language.”

~ Manly P. Hall, 33º Scottish Rite Freemason.

(Note - Not all Freemason are Evil)
(2) The all-seeing eye symbol is a widely used symbol going back to ancient Egypt and represents the eye of Lucifer.
(3) The Great Seal of the U.S. One Dollar Bill

Novus Ordo Seclorum in Latin means new order of the ages.

Has anyone ever wondered why there is an Egyptian pyramid with 13 levels?

Or why all the Egyptian architecture in Washington D.C.?
(4) Egyptian Eye of Horus

In Egyptian mythology, Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris.

For occultist, this also represents the third eye or pineal gland which is opened during enlightenment or illumination.
(5) This is where the dot on the forehead originates in Hinduism and Buddhism.
(6) One Eye Symbolism

Celebrities are frequently posing with the hand covering the eye, symbolizing the eye of Horus or the all seeing eye of Lucifer.

These celebrities are deliberately posing like this for magazine covers, music videos, etc.
(7) This shows their public allegiance to Lucifer and the Illuminati, all the while the brainwashed and ignorant public is oblivious.
(8) "Selling your soul" is indeed a real thing.

People sign there life over for fame and fortune.
(9) Freemasonry
(10) Jehovah Witness Headquarters
(11) Mormon Temple In Salt Lake
(12) Vatican/Catholic Churches
(13) Israel Supreme Court
(14) The Bush Family
(15) IRS Headquarters
(16) Children's Shows
(17) Corporate Logos
(18) TV & Subliminal Messages
(19) DARPA & British Intelligence

The All-Seeing Eye floating is representative of the Illuminati seeing themselves as gods, and being able to see and watch everything that we do.

They are rapidly approaching their goals thanks to quickly advancing technology.
(22) The eye is usually a left one, such as on the US dollar bill.

Some illuminati symbologists speculate that it might me the eye of Saturn while others suggest that it is the Eye of Horus.
(23) The all-seeing eye was one of the first symbols added to the Great Seal as we can see from a 1776 sketch found in Thomas Jefferson’s papers.
(24) The purpose of all satanic churches, occult groups, secret societies, and religious cults is to blind you from the Gospel.

‘In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ,

(25) who is the image of God, should shine unto them.’ – 2nd Corinthians 4:4

In a disturbing paradox, occult groups offer their members enlightenment, but in reality the Bible says they are blinding men from the saving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
(26) To properly understand the All-Seeing Eye, you need to consider that there are various aspects of the All-Seeing Eye, which are a fundamental meaning, a practical meaning, a prophetic meaning, a historical meaning, and a mystic meaning.
(27) The "fundamental" meaning indicates that the eye symbolizes Lucifer in (Isaiah 14:12) (Hebrew: ‘heylel’, meaning ‘the morning star’, in a sense of brightness).

Satan is the god of this evil world according to the scriptures.
(28) The "practical" meaning goes back to the Garden of Eden in (Genesis 3:5), when the serpent deceived Eve, promising that she and Adam would become ‘as gods’ for disobeying the Most High.
(29) When they ate the forbidden fruit, the eye (Hebrew: ‘ayin’, meaning a singular ‘eye’) of their understanding was opened concerning good and evil.

They became ‘as gods’ in the sense of now being able to make their own decisions concerning good and evil.
(30) The "prophetic" meaning comes from (Zechariah 11:17), which foretells that the coming Antichrist’s right eye will be utterly darkened (blind) from a physical injury.
(31) The "historical" meaning originates in ancient Egypt, based upon the pineal gland which the Egyptians dissected from the human brain and considered the Third Eye of enlightened human understanding.

Today’s Masonic occult symbols all relate back historically to Ancient
(32) Egypt and Babylon. Modern occult symbols have their origin in the Ancient pagan religions.

The "mystic" meaning is that the Third Eye is the ability to see what might be, in other words the Third Eye is one’s ability to see potential such as – a New World Order.
(33) Hinduism, Kabbalah, Freemasonry, Judaism, Mormonism, Buddhism and Eastern occult religions worship the All-Seeing Eye. (Daniel 11:38) teaches that the Antichrist will worship ‘the god of forces.’ This is the New Age religion of mysticism.
(34) The Bible says that ‘by peace’, the Antichrist will destroy many (Daniel 8:25).

The Sign of Communication:

The sign is communicated in many different forms, sometimes it`s a single eye within a pyramid just like what`s on the dollar bill of what they call the
(35) Great Seal of the United States. It can also be presented as a single eye by itself – it`s One-Eye and people show it in many ways.

At the core and foundation of what you are seeing is actually representing Lucifer – It`s the eye of Lucifer.
(36) The photo of Jack Nicholson to the right shows him making a 666 hand sign, and at the same time darkening his right eye and seeing through his left fingers, which are shaped like a pyramid.

Kevin Spacey on the left doing a similar gesture.
(37) ‘Father’ Jim Sichko – Catholic priest who deceived many.

Wolf in sheep`s clothing worshiping the Beast.
(38) The All-Seeing Eye was deliberately placed on every one dollar bill, which is the most prevalent unit of United States currency.

It’s purpose is to show that the Illuminati banksters and predatory ruling elite own, control and dominate the American people.
(39) They are our overlords and we are their slaves....
(40) Eye of Horus:

The Eye of Horus, often seen with an eyebrow above represents the supposed omnipresent Sun (Son) God Horus, which is also tied to secret or occult wisdom.

This eye was painted on the sides of Egyptian funerary caskets in a hope that it would enable the
(41) corpse to see it`s way through the journey of the afterlife.

The All-Seeing Eye is supposed to reference God watching over mankind - This symbol is also referenced to the Eye of Providence and the Eye of Horus.
(42) The eye itself is a powerful symbol going back to the Ancient roots of Egypt and Babylon mystery religion, where they worshiped pagan Gods and Moon Goddesses.

Similarly enough all stories lead back to the tower of Babel and Nimrod`s worship.

However, most of the general
(43) public do not make these connections, which is that all of these pagan names refer to actually one ‘god’, who was the founder of these religions.

He has many different names in many different cultures, having both masculine and feminine qualities, mostly known as –
(44) Satan, Lucifer, Baal and the Antichrist.
(45) The God Within, Third Eye and Freemasonry:

The eye itself is often associated with the idea of light and spirit. In most cases, it is mostly referred to as the mirror of the soul – eye representing the ‘God within’. direct him.
(46) Like the Third Eye for example, also know as the ‘spiritual Illumination’, it signifies higher self or the part of man`s consciousness that is eagle free, which can guide and direct him.
(47) For secret societies, the eye symbol represents human awareness through the Third Eye or Pineal Gland.

The symbol of the eye means power and control.

The Pineal gland, also known as the Third Eye, gives us the capacity to be aware of a different reality which most
(48) humans can’t see anymore.

Ancient civilizations knew about this, but humanity lost it`s touch with their inner self and we ended up sinking into materialism and indoctrination.

It is for this reason that religions, government, entertainment,
(49) economic and social institutions, all use the symbol of the eye.

The true secret is they control you, they have a complete grasp on the level of awareness of humanity through indoctrination.

As long as you follow and embrace all these earthly belief systems based

(50) on lies and illusions, your mental level of awareness will be under their control.

If you stop submitting your judgement to these earthly institutions, belief systems you will start experiencing a higher level of awareness.
(51) I guarantee you that your reality will drastically change....🙏

The All-Seeing Eye within Freemasonry is shown in the triangle with rays of light emanating from the lower lid.

The masonic dictionary says it is an important symbol of the Supreme Being –
(52) the sign of omniscience.

In Freemasonry it stands for the Great Architect of the Universe.

There are 33 different degrees in the Masonic order, each new degree entitles the participant to acquire additional occult knowledge and occultists view Lucifer
(53) as the good god, who gives them secret and hidden understanding of the Universe.

So as we see this symbol is used in many different shapes and forms, but altogether very similar.

The eye is symbolic of knowledge not perceived by the general public.
(54) The public can see the symbolism, but they are oblivious to the truth, ruined by prosperity and deceived by lies.

Remember, the Bible warns that Satan blinds the mind of men to keep them in darkness.
(55) It is important to understand that the ruling evil elite who are members of Secret Societies are indoctrinated from birth to believe they are blue-bloods, as gods, better than others, who possess the right to make decisions for the rest of humanity,
(56) even determining who prematurely dies, how many and in which manner.
(57) Helen Blavatsky’s protégé and Theosophist leader, Alice Bailey (1880-1949), authored numerous occult books.

Alice Bailey writes to describe the All-Seeing Eye in one of her works:
(58) ‘The Masonic Movement when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power.

It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries
(59) and the seat of initiation.

It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work.

The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples, and under the All-Seeing Eye the work can go forward.
(60) It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists.’

– Alice Bailey, ‘The Externalization of the Hierarchy’ – Section IV – Stages in the Externalization.
(61) Anytime you see this reference to One-Eye, they are referencing Lucifer, and that is why all the meanings of the symbol, all closely aligned with the spiritual knowledge of good and evil that the serpent promised Eve, if she disobeyed Yahweh.
(62) This knowledge, includes the knowledge that Satan is the God of this world, who rewards them that serve and worship him.

So understand that anytime you are seeing this eye, it represents his false knowledge.
(63) Anyone that says they are opening their Third Eye is actually tapping into the knowledge of Lucifer and the secret occult.

When you see the ‘stars’ and actors doing the One-Eye symbol, the masses just sum it up as referring that they are a part of the Illuminati –
(65) This symbolism has no effect on those who perceive it and are aware of it by pointing it out, giving no tolerance and power to Lucifer.

Today’s entertainment industry thrives on manipulation, distortion and control.
(66) The symbol of the All-Seeing Eye is about a select group of people oppressing, monitoring and controlling the world population throughout hundreds of years.
(67) It`s not that you will be worshiping Lucifer yourself, but that you are gaining a tolerance for him and also that you are being prepared for his arrival on the scene, when the New World Order is fully established.
(68) This is not about secret society like the Illuminati, they are preparing the world`s stage for Satan and the more you see the symbol, the more likely you`re going to accept him and the Mark of the Beast.
(69) All outlets of mass media are owned by a very small, elite group – the globalists, controllers of our reality who are directly tied to satanism.

This Ancient symbol was and always will be representing the upcoming one world leader in total control over the one world
(70) government, religion and economics.

If the coming of the Antichrist weren’t near, then we wouldn’t see all this preparation for his coming.

As the god of this world, Satan (who is a spirit) must have a means of controlling the world.

Satan accomplishes this through
(71) spiritually inspired demonic groups whom remain secretive, because of their diabolical agendas and inherent evil nature.

Thieves and thugs operate under cover of darkness, whether it be literal darkness or a system of lies and deceptions intended to mislead the public.
(72) That is the end of this thread....

Take the time to understand and learn what symbolism represents, why they worship these symbols and how they control the masses 'subconsciously' !

There are no coincidences.....

My next thread will be MK ULTRA and Butterfly symbology.
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