1/ The Vox writer I criticized is getting really bad harassment. Because this is how online bullshit works, within about 30 seconds of things really kicking off, she'd likely received what any decent person would describe as WILDLY disproportionate 'punishment' for whatever
2/ she did. I do not think journalists should be immune from people asking them, online, to defend their writing or their tweeting. But threats and slurs and the like are a whole other level and are completely unaceptable. If anyone replies to this with a link to a follower of
3/ mine harassing her, I'll block them -- simple as that. One part of this is complicated: If X thinks Y did something outrageous, how can X highlight that without Y coming in for a wave of harassment? I don't know the answer to that. I DO know that on an individual level,
4/ harassing people is totally unacceptable. Do NOT be an asshole. Even if you can't empathize with her -- and of course you should, because she's a human, and what she's going through sucks -- this doesn't even further your own goal, because it turns everything into an internet
5/ harassment story. Just don't harass people.
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