Remember that thread I did about Owen Jones' Spanish book cover? You may recall there was some nitpicking about a translated caption as it was not a primary source. I now have a hard copy of one of the artist's racist cartoons. You be the judge.
Galantara was very much in his prime the year that was published, but posed no objection to the caption: "Jewish capitalism wages a terrible relentless war every hour of every day". He had 2 cartoons in this edition. "Sometimes it takes a little blood to water the gold plant."
Alongside several other charming depictions of mere 'fatcats', as Owen called them, by other cartoonists. This one on an adjacent page is just called "Jewish freedom".
"The Jew: balances all."
"The Jew - 'I don't care f...'"
"We somtimes pacify... with Jewish gold"
"The Saviours"
These were all in the edition no. 325 of the anarcho-socialist weekly L'Assiette au Beurre, published in 1912. Galantara lived till 1937.
You'll hear more nitpicking about whether or not Galantara approved of the caption (I've seen no evidence that he objected to it), but you'll need to also overlook that L'Assiette au Beurre was publishing images like these for years before Gala submitted his work for publication.
And you'll also have to overlook that it wasn't just Jews who Gala depicted in the most grotesque and racist fashion.
Will Owen ever concede that his cover art drew on antisemitic themes, was labelled 'antisemitism' by the agency his publisher procured it from, drawn as it was by a racist cartoonist, who freely published in antisemitic mags for the purposes of inciting hatred against Jews?
Will he ask himself how lazy stereotypes of 'fatcats', bankers, and 'the establishment' happen to draw from the same antisemitic palette? Will he apologise for attacking @EtanSmallman and defending this? Will he commit to learning from & listening to mainstream Jews?
I won't hold my breath.

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