Folks need to understand:

It's not that religious men are predators, it's that all predators are attracted to positions of power. And if religion procures status, they will flock to those public deen platforms obsessively.
There will always be a higher than average ratio of predators in public speakers, celebs, teachers, re-known religious figures etc which is why safeguarding is important.

Understand that a large platform is more likely not less likely to be privately grooming/exploiting teens.
Look at how so many religious accounts only make noise when women or SA are on the tl or when predator accounts are banned. Ask yourself why they're so invested in minimising a prevalent phenomenon?

If you were a victim it's not your fault, you trusted. You didn't know.
I'm seeing a lot of folks saying "it's always religious men". It's always men who use a cloak, yes. Sometimes it's piety, sometimes it's wealth, sometimes random popular accounts will dm you about their mental health and childhood trauma.

If this does happen to you, block him.
Don't let your guard down, but if you do - if you have already don't self loath. Whatever you do DO NOT REACH OUT TO HIS FRIENDS. Do not reach out to men (and especially not women) in his circle.

Reach out to a woman you trust.
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