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1. Lose and Loose
Lose – pronounced with a “z” sound – is a verb meaning to not have something anymore, to be unable to find something or to not win. You lose your cell phone, or you lose your way while driving somewhere.
- I don’t want my football team to lose the game.
- She will lose her money if she gambles with it.
Loose – with an “s” sound – on the other hand, is an adjective that means free, unattached or not tight. It’s also a verb meaning to untie or let go of something.
- The door handle fell off because it was too loose.
- A loose sweater feels very comfortable.
2. Resign and Re-sign
Resign — without the hyphen — means to quit your job and the “s” is pronounced like a “z.”
My boss didn’t want to increase my salary so I decided to resign. This will be my last week of work.
Re-sign — with the hyphen — means to sign a contract again and it usually also means that you’ve decided to stay in your current job! In re-sign, the “s” is pronounced as an “s,” and you emphasize the first syllable.
I love my current job, so I happily re-signed for another year.
3. Advice and Advise
Advice — with an “s” sound — is a noun. You can give your friend some advice.
My father gave me one piece of advice – “Always be on time.”
Advise — with a “z” sound — is a verb. With this word, you can advise your friend. The meaning of the two words is basically the same.
She advised me to invest my money more carefully.
4. Affect and Effect
Usually, affect is a verb and effect is a noun, and they’re used when talking about the results or consequences of particular actions.
- I’m worried that your lazy habits will affect your studies (your lazy habits will have a bad effect on your studies).
- Before you start an argument with your boss, consider the effects of your actions (before you start an argument, consider how your actions will affect the situation).
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