What if I told you that the deals were made in 2017 (or earlier), and that you are being psychologically manipulated into thinking there is an actual election season?
Following on this, if we are in the Matrix so to speak, then it all has to seem real, to the point where the white hats don't step in at times (or often)
Also following on this, if the idea is to give the black hats rope with which to further hang themselves, then the white hats must give them space to do this, which looks like the President being "out of control" or "hiding in the bunker."
I'm not saying that we should be uncritical.
I'm also not saying that "nothing is happening" (this is false)
I am saying that we need to read what's happening differently in light of what we have been informed by Q, which is that "you are watching a movie."
In a movie, there is a script, a director, a producer, and a cast, and most importantly, everyone knows how the movie ends.
How the movie ends.
With our wonderful country restored.
How the movie ends.
With our freedom.
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