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Solar core radius exact value from Vaidic Grantha Aitrey Bramhan (New RESEARCH)

Recently i have presented Vaidic Rashmi Theory of universe, A new research from Vedas, in this thread we will exactly calculate solar core radius.
Vaidic Scientist Acharya Agnvirat who presented his vaidic rashmi theory of universe in BHU varanasi Scientific conference , he calculated the radius of core of our sun from Braman grantha Aitrey bramhan. This bramhan Grantha is explanatory part of rigveda.
Around 6000 years ago , Maharshi Aitrey Mahidas have written this Bramhan grantha after getting the all knowledge of universe from its birth to death through deep meditation , he presented his knowledge of rigveda into Aitrey Bramhan grantha. This grantha is very hard to decode.
Acharya Agnivrat who see vaidic grantha in scientific manner , took a vow to decode this grantha untill 2021 and he did it 4 years before deadline. He invested every second of his 10 years into this aitrey bramhan and proposed a 2800 page long translation of this grantha.
This grantha solve many mysteries of universe among which one mystery is about our sun. The solar core radius, He found some clue to calculate the solar core radius of our sun. Using that information he calculated the exact value of solar core radius of our sun. let us see this:
The below verse in Aitrey Bramhan Granta says:
The Avg Distance between earth and our solar core =1000 Ashvin.
As per other shastriy proof 1 Ahan refers to the spherical solar core.
1 Ashwin is definded as - distance travelled by 1 Ahswa in in a "Ahan" , Ahswa refers to rays.
So the radius of solar core would be 1 Ashwin.
Distance between earth and sun's core is 1000 Ashwin.
So distance between earth and centre of sun would be =1001 Ashwin
If we can calculate the value of 1 ashwin we will be able to know the exact value of solar core radii
Note that Aitrey Mahidas described the distance between earth & solar core in general way , not a specified one , so we have to take it as an AVG distance between earth and solar core which is equal to = 1000 ashwin.
As per modern science avg dist. between sun and earth = 1 AU
The exact value of radius of sun = 695700km
So as per modern science:
The exact distance between centre of sun to earth surface would be = 1AU + 695700km
While we Know Exact value between sun's centre to earth surface as per Aitrey Bramhan = 1001 Ashwin
Now we can get 1 Ashwin.
Now 1001 Ashwin = 1AU + 695700
1 Ashwin = [ 1AU + 695700 ] / 1001
This simple formulae was found by Vaidic Scientist acharya agnivrat. So without understanding the true meaning of verses we would not able to reach to this simple formulae. Credit goes to Acharya Agnivrat.
If we take exact value of 1 AU and Radius Of sun then
1 Ashwin = 150143 km
This is exact value of Solar core radius , only 1 km error is possible because the info. by aitrey mahidas is 6000 years old , in this mean time the possible change in this radii of core is around 1 km.
As per wiki: The solar core radius of our sun is not known Exactly. As per modern science It varies between the range - 0.2R - 0.25R (R-radii of Sun) This range in km is - 139140km to 173925km
Here the error range is 1 to 34785km BUT in vaidic physics only 1km error is possible.
Summing up all info. in this photo.
This is what modern science doesn't know exactly but vaidic physics gives exact value. Only 1km error may be possible because of change in core radii in 6000 years.
Now it proves that Vedas and vaidic grantha contains very deep scientific knowledge, which can change the whole world if taken seriously with a high respect towards Vedas.
If we want to Re-establish Bharat we have to work on the ancient intellect of rishis and Vedas.
Vedas have a different theory of origin and evolution of universe which i described in my previous thread , if you want to know , go through this thread
As always: If govt. can help sages like Acharya Agnivrat , We all can Re-establish Aryavart , can make India again Vishwaguru. If you want this dream come true please let the concerned scientific personalities and govt. know this information
This precious information is available in VedVigyanAlok by Acarya Agnivrat and it is protected by copyright.
Mark today's date and this information , the future of science will verify what we have already told here.
Solar core radius up to decimals
R = 150143.427272km
When taken standard value of 1 AU and Solar Radius.
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