9 July 2020 #MAGAanalysis #BetweenTheLines Poll


Here again is the first poll I ever took. It ended up, due to my following and reach, being basically ONLY a Republican poll. It was fun, but I have to change this! https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1280105453628936193
2) So what I've decided to do for this, my 2nd poll, is to focus exclusively on Democrats. Okay, you're a left leaning Independent? That'll be okay, too. What I am NOT looking for is Republicans. No Republicans allowed, and if you're a right leaning Independent, nope, keep quiet.
3) What's more, we're going on the honor system here. I do not have the ability to vet the identity of my poll takers, here. So I'm asking, from my heart, please be honest. My new motto is:

Honest questions.
Honest answers.
Honest data.

Please help me by being honest.
4) I know I have to be both aggressive and forceful in this. This is called the honor system. So, one last time, if you're not a Democrat or left leaning Independent, just please...


Got that? Okay, poll begins below...
5) On your honor, are you a:
6) Will you vote?
7) Who will you vote for?
8) Who should win?
9) Who will win?
10) I have a bit more to share with you. I realize that, as a Republican analyst, it may be difficult to trust me with your information. I give you my word, I will treasure your information and sincerely want to know. I will NEVER distort or color your information.
11) What's more, please know that bringing Americans back together again where we can actually listen to each other with NO attempt to convert or persuade, but only to understand, this is one of my greatest values. If you're willing to let me know, I'll listen.
12) Last point. As I collect my data, my need for a Democrat analyst who loves the data as much as I do grows greater and greater. I need someone who's eyes look at the data with passionate Democrat love, and true support for Joe Biden. I need the balance such a soul can give.
13) If I was still a Democrat, you KNOW I'd dive all over this opportunity. I promise to procure honest data. An honest Democrat analyst should slobber over that the same way I do. We're all just looking for the truth, unvarnished, unspun, uncolored.
14) So if you know any Democrats, family or friends, ready to try their analytical chops out on real data, then please bring them here. Forward this thread and ask them to post it on their own Twitter pages, etc. I say, it's time we ask and listen to each other America!
15) What say you all? Except you Republicans, do NOT answer this poll, on your honor, now. I may only get a handful of Democrats to respond. If so, then so be it. This is how learning occurs. I have to learn how, and I will. And if you can help, then get to it! Please!!
Thread ends at #15.
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