I just watched The National's At Issue panel. What stood out for me was Andrew Coyne and his relentless demand for a plan, for certainty. There can't be any certainty because, as Chantel Hébert noted, we're still in the pandemic. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ It's the Canadian public that is in charge of the plan. They are the mask-wearers or not. They socially-distance or not. One lockdown was certainly doable, but the country can't afford a second one. /3
3/ So the question I have is why are the Conservatives and their pet punditry are so damned afraid to express the urgent need for their followers and supporters to take be responsible by wearing masks and distancing? /4
4/ It seems obvious to me that public compliance with scientific advice is the way we can avoid a second shutdown. The government can't offer a plan - certainly not the silly 2, 3, 4-year plan Andrew Coyne demands - if the public is not cooperating. /5
5/ It's time for the Conservatives and their friendly press to get serious. Lecture people who listen to them. Explain the need. Tell the Party leadership to start modelling smart public behaviour. Tell Andrew Scheer to stop dog-whistling on the topic of masks.
And stop channelling the GOP and Donald Trump. We can see what that has wrought.
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