When I was 16 I helped my uncle pack a bag for my aunt who was in ICE custody.

I watched him put cash in the pocket of her jeans. I asked why. He said ICE would just drop her off across the border & she‘d need money so she could get to family.

So yeah, FUCK ICE. #AbolishICE
I sat under a tree in Bloomington, MN, with my younger cousin as local organizers rallied outside the ICE office trying to stop her deportation.

As we watched a bus that we were told she was on drive away, my cousin collapsed in tears in my arms.

So again, FUCK ICE.
Last year I wrote this thread about how ICE collaborates with local police.

So again, FUCK ICE. https://twitter.com/munozjose/status/1159631187591204864
I’m seeing lots of new people calling to #AbolishICE since ICE released their cruel policy on international students.

I also had an interaction with a reporter asking about this “new phenomenon” so I needed to clarify that ICE has ALWAYS terrorized immigrants.

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