Imagine believing you can track any Joe or Karen without a warrant, but that the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc. need to spend 4 yrs & wait until Trump is re-elected to arrest pedophiles like Podesta.

Imagine further that Q said they had “it all” yrs ago.

Now add the fact that ... 👇🏻
They raided Epstein’s properties a year ago.

Imagine thinking that building a case takes “years” while children are raped.

Imagine actually believing this is a sting, instead of a cover up...

When I worked in for a federal judge ... 👇🏻
I was required to review warrant applications for federal law enforcement (FBI, DEA, US Marshals, etc).

Most of the warrant applications we got were for wire tapping. They had to make their case (at least in our court). I was astounded by how much they knew b4 they applied 👇🏻
One application was for a cocaine ring that spanned several states. Looked through Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, MI, & FL.

They knew where each key figure had been, who they’d spoken with, their entire histories, their daily routines, etc.

It was a MASSIVE sting 👇🏻
And they gathered that info in a fraction of the time that Trump & Q have had.

I suppose, if you’re not a lawyer with this type of experience, the unbelievably enormous fraud that’s being perpetrated can be hard to see.

But it is a fraud.

And it will be a coverup. 👇🏻
Some people will go down. That’ll probably happen or begin by November.

But what you hope is happening ... is not happening.
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