I challenge any of the people who are commenting on the budget snapshot provided today to tell me what we should’ve done.

Aw hell this is going to be a thread 1/
Should we have forgone the CERB, the wage subsidy, the rent relief program? Should we have skipped billions in handouts to the provinces? What about billions in PPE & helping students afford university next year? 2/
What exactly should we have done? Allowed all businesses to go bankrupt? Allow millions of people to not be able to defer their mortgages while bringing in nothing?

I don’t like our debt load, it’s my hopefully one day again “1%” household that will pay the most for this 3/
Here’s the thing, as a prudent fiscal conservative with months of savings being depleted & months of zero income coming in because of Covid, I DON’T CARE!

Why? Because people needed that money. Not because I’m all of a sudden a Liberal, people needed that money 4/
This was not spending to buy a UN seat, this wasn’t the WE scandal or any other spending scandal. This was to keep Canadians alive. Quite literally to keep them alive.

I am Canadian & I want to know that as few people as possible are worried about losing everything tonight 5/5
I ended this thread prematurely. I know what the responses will be. “We’re supposed to have 3-6 months emergency savings. It’s not my problem that people didn’t”

When housing & debt loads take up so much of the avg Canadians income how is that possible? 6/
When we have built a housing bubble & pre Covid 46% of households were $200 away from bankruptcy, what should we have done? Should we have allowed 46% of the country to be homeless? 7/
The extreme right says that this is one step closer to communism or becoming Venezuela, imagine what 46% of Canadians being homeless would look like. Imagine what that would do to your home value, the value of your car, the crime rate 8/
Every home owner with a mortgage would be upside down right now, every single one. Is that something that sounds appealing?

And I’m only focusing on the economics of it because that’s my wheel house! 9/
How many people would’ve starved, been murdered during home invasions & oh yeah died of Covid?!

Honestly Twitter & all media outlets, get your heads out of your asses tonight because that was money well spent.

I think I’m done now. 10/10
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