My heart is breaking. Tonight my youngest daughter, at the age of 25, broke into tears and called out to me.
“Mom, I’m so scared, make them stop,” a river of tears running down her face. Gasping for breath, she pushes out her words. “I’m just so scared. I don’t want to ...(more)
live in a world like this.” I held her in my arms and rocked her while she wept. She has been suffering from depression since COVID hit us all in March. It’s been a tough go for her.

“It’s OK, honey,” I said, taking her in my arms. “It will be OK, tell me why you are scared? /2
“Make who stop?”
And then it all came pouring out, and I was stunned! I should have known the impact this would be having on her and so many kids her age. To me it has been a call to action; to fight for what is right. For her it’s been a complete reign of terror ... /3
It wasn’t COVID that was stealing the oxygen from her lungs, it was JASON fucking KENNEY! (Pardon my language.) She had turned on the news and heard about US style health care coming to Alberta, about 13 year olds being trained for work, Parks being sold /4
money being stolen from victims of crime and the shaming of a young girl fighting for climate change. One long nightmare that gets worse every day as yet another press release or piece of legislation strips away her hopes for the future. “Why do people have to be ... /5
like that, Mom. Why? I can’t live in that kind of world. “ By now I am sobbing as badly as her. I’m trying to find the words. Words like don’t worry, we’ll stop him, but in my heart I know we can’t. That it’s too late. Instead I say, “It will be OK honey. If we have to we .../6
will leave. We can always live somewhere else.”
And my heart breaks, while we sob together.
And her heart breaks, because this is her home.
This is where she was born, where she wants to finish her university.

Where she planned to fall in love and raise a family . . . /7
This is Alberta. Her Alberta. And he has taken it from her.

For now she is sleeping. And my heart is breaking. And I can’t stop crying.

And I am really fucking angry!
#ableg #abhealth #abpoli #abpse #ablabour #FiretheUCP
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