thread on why and the letter against “cancel culture” is wack
i used to be one of the idiots who thought cancel culture was an attack on freedom of speech, that’s what all the fucking straight white ppl online preached and i simply agreed with it, it took so long for me to realise that these people were not coincidentally very problematic
jk rowling is not asking for her freedom to speak, she is asking for people to not challenge her ignorance
freedom of speech and accountability go hand in hand. that is how people learn from mistakes. halle berry nearly played a trans person and because of “cancel culture” educating her, she grew as a person and learned from that mistake before she even did anything truly harmful.
jk rowling is not being attacked when she shares her beliefs, she thinks she is. she thinks opposing views challenging her ignorance is an attack. she doesn’t want you to have the freedom of speech that allows you to react, she just wants the freedom of speech that allows -
- her to continue to live in an echo chamber preaching her ignorant views to us without us questioning it.
take it from someone who nearly fell down a rabbit hole of right-wing brainwashing when they were younger (nearly..dw they never got me) these people think social justice and accountability is an attack on them because they do not want to change their ignorant views.
these heavily privileged problematic individuals will convince you that people are too sensitive, that they’re just joking or using their freedom of speech just as they will rationalise all of their harmful beliefs.
that’s what jk rowling wants to do. she wants to sit in her home and tweet to her impressionable fan base of young people who think she is a feminist icon and say “i’m not transphobic i just-“ and then preach transphobia. and she views accountability as an attack.
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