#OurAlberta considers the value of human life & dignity of all beyond the balance sheet, recognizes we aren't prosperous as a society until we are compassionate, & allows every Albertan regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomics to achieve their potential #ableg
#OurAlberta recognizes that when families take home more money, demand for services and business grows and that a tax cut given to multinationals who prioritize dividends, bonuses, and shareholder returns does nothing to grow our economy or jobs. #ableg
#OurAlberta doesn't believe that one politician or party has all the answers. We reach across the aisle and genuinely consider other viewpoints and the impact policy has on those affected by decisions made in #ableg
#OurAlberta values the role supernatural spaces play in our quality of life. We work hard and play hard. Having great, accessible, public parks and recreation spaces make quality of life great for Albertans. We wouldn't take that for granted and give them away to donors. #ableg
#OurAlberta knows that Oil & Gas was the foundation our prosperity was built on, but once the foundation is established you have to build up and out. We support #abpse as a means of encouraging innovation and development beyond the bitumen. #ableg
#OurAlberta never lets us play victims. We look out for our neighbours and don't expect a payback or quid-pro-quo. We work collaboratively to find solutions to the problems facing our province and nation. We don't tell comforting lies to address uncomfortable realities. #ableg
#OurAlberta honours contracts that we negotiate in good faith with doctors, nurses, teachers, and public servants. We respect the role that unions and the public sector play and try to make tough fiscal decisions via collaboration and due process. #ableg
#OurAlberta holds its politicians and leaders to high ethical and accountability standards regardless of political affiliation.
Integrity and transparency are important and the law is meticulously enforced by well resourced independent commissioners and officers. #ableg
#OurAlberta recognizes that small, local business is the driver of employment in Alberta and treats small business as the priority for our employment success. #ableg
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