serious question: have any of yall heard about the armenian genocide?
i am asking because i am half armenian... i am 4th gen. my ancestors got here due to the genocide that killed over 1.5 million armenians.

most people don’t know about this and most schools don’t teach about it. turkey denies that it was a genocide.

a large reason i think the US doesn’t teach about it, is because we have global ties to turkey... and so if america recognizes it as a genocide, that would be bad.

however! last year, both houses of congress finally voted to recognize it as a genocide. 105 years later.
unfortunately, so far, still no president has ever acknowledged it, and acknowledged it as a genocide. there are so many armenians in the USA that fleed here during the genocide... i just hope one day there will be more education and recognition of the armenian genocide.
i am also half greek. during this genocide, the turks/ottoman empire also killed many greeks.

anyways, the turks say it was a war. but it wasn’t. it was a cold-blooded genocide - the turks were ordered to kill all armenians, children, adults.. everyone.
they did more disgusting things along with just killing them. also, turkey took over most of armenia, leaving only a small amount of area left of what is armenia today.
the turks also killed many assyrians during this genocide as well.
i hope one day, this will be included more into our history books, and that our country will recognize this as what it truly is - a genocide. with the large number of armenians in america, it’s important that we know the history and just how we got here.
ok idk how many of u actually read that lmao but thanks for coming to my tedtalk
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