1. Just to get ahead of the coming BS we're going to see spewing from the fake news media to cover this all up, I thought you may want to read this 1st.

I have a feeling Deutsche Bank will be making more headlines very soon.

#GetAwaker. Start here. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1280644949944328192?s=20
2. Deutsche Bank has been hit with a $150 million fine for failing to Monitor and scrutinize Jeffrey Epstein's illegal dealings. They've got millions of dollars in transactions paid to child traffickers, co-conspirators, victims, and more. They have agreed to a consent order.
3. We have seen Germany's Deutsche Bank right in the middle of numerous unethical, illegal, incredulous, shocking deep state criminal acts, criminal organizations and criminal associates that we have investigated. That bank is the center of it all in my opinion.

You'll see why.
4. We saw Deutsche Bank was a previous employer of Susan Schiffer Stautberg, the founder of the elite, all-female secret society Belizean Grove...her answer to the all-male Bohemian Grove in Northern California. SCOTUS Sonia Sotamayor was a former member. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1259425013146345474?s=20
5. And they were caught right smack dab in the middle this thread on the 'Ndrganheta mafia, the largest cocaine trafficking organization in the world. This thread is a MUST folks! So many twists and turns including the Vatican laundering $$$ for the mob. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1179373900821667840?s=20
6. And, there are numerous articles on their criminal ties, scandals and connections to crime.

"In recent years, a succession of Deutsche Bank chief executives has been trying to shed the financial burdens of an often criminal past..."

8. Tammy McFadden, the lady who "caught" the activity was fired for lying.

They should've been monitoring themselves because Deutsche Bank ended up getting caught in a $20 BILLION laundering scheme with people FROM Russia...not from Trump or his family!

9. "Espionage, money laundering and interest rate scams. Germany's biggest lender has a global reputation for scandal"

This article covers the banks 5 biggest scandals. They've been fined so heavily their shares plummeted over 90% in recent years.

10. They were the primary institution nailed for its involvement in the Panama Papers debacle when they helped its customers "transfer money from criminal activities" to tax havens.

We're going to continue to see Deutsche Bank get lit up as big time criminals go down.
12. That's a pretty big impact if experts think that when Deutsche Bank goes down it could "destroy" the global financial system. What's that mean in layman's terms?

It means a LOT of people are going to be exposed when the bank starts talking to make deals to survive.
13. The ultra wealthy will no longer have this institution to launder money, hide illegal transactions, cover up criminal dealings and transfer their ill gotten gains under the radar.

There are many more banks doing similar deals, all of which must be getting nervous about now.
14. Keep the faith folks. It's a slow and steady process taking down the world's elite. But, when you hit their money and the banks illegally moving it around for them, the whole evil cabal will come unraveled quite quickly. Victory is near!

God bless,


- End
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