Charlotte Clymer on Joe Rogan vs. Charlotte Clymer on Ronald Reagan.
The difference between Bernie Sanders and Ronald Reagan, lest we forget, is that one of them RT’d a transphobic podcaster and the other let LGBT people die by the thousands while ignoring the AIDS crisis and also bombed a hospital in Grenada.
Joe Rogan's most toxic flaw as a podcaster was probably his failure to orchestrate a clandestine weapons deal with the Khomeini government in Iran in order to secretly fund the Nicaraguan Contras in their fascist torture and assassination of supporters of the Sandinista regime.
Ms. Clymer is not explicitly praising Reagan. But this ad relies on the premise: “Reagan’s GOP = Good.” That is an insult to history and human life, and it does not square with the weeks-long offense she took to the Rogan/Sanders fiasco. That’s why people are reacting this way.
It is overwhelmingly cynical for somebody to spend weeks insisting Bernie Sanders is a monster for accepting Joe Rogan’s endorsement and then to turn around and celebrate the tactical brilliance of an ad that deifies Ronald Reagan.
The ad might work okay because people are morons and even most Democrats today think Reagan was good. But the fact remains that Clymer had a much easier time foresaking principle with this than when the alternative was to attack the furthest left POTUS campaign this century.
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