We have never denied that patriarchy also negatively impacts men, for being gender non-conforming and/or homosexual.

The point, Robin, is that feminism rejects the mode by which everyone who is not the classic patriarchal subject is defined by phallic reversal of that subject. https://twitter.com/RDembroff/status/1280888259342630912
To equate all the 'not ideal patriarchal subjects' and put them in one box is be complicit with patriarchy's phallic reversals. It is to define them *from the patriarchal subject's perspective.*

Female people and their experience of patriarchy is not the same as gay men's
experience of patriarchy, or queer identified people experience of patriarchy, or trans women's experience of patriarchy.

Feminism is the one place in the world where female people are centred, and where female people learn to identify and articulate their needs, and draw their
boundaries, and share experiences of being a female subject to male dominance.

Female ppl are allowed to centre themselves in their own political movement, and to have a room of their own.

Stop making us reperform the centering of others that is core to female socialisation and
trying to pass it off as feminism, while piously telling the many hundreds of women who have dedicated decades of their lives to working with women that they don't understand feminism.

If feminism doesn't meet your needs then fine. You have trans activism, you have radical queer

But no, that's not good enough, you must have your own political movement, and you must prevent the movement for female people from being for female people.

Well no. Not on our watch. The women out here are not going to have it.
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